Isle of Man Improvised Music

Creating Freedom in Music

What is Improvisation...?

Music in its many forms has to a certain degree, a grounding in Improvisation...

From the Ragas of the Northern and Southern regions of India; the Roots Blues of Black American origin; the 'jams' of Western Rock musicians; the Flamenco music of Spain; the Japanese modal disciplines - to the so-called 'Jazz' musicians the world over.

All of these and many other music forms are often developed from ideas seemingly 'plucked from nowhere'.

In reality, Improvisation exists the world over. It is often used as a form of unwritten composition by many, if not all musicians - from the development of an idea - to a finished composition.

The creation of music from 'scratch' involves trial and error in the use of tone colouration in many music forms. But to address pure Improvisation and the musicians who perform and promote this musical sphere, is a wholly different world.

Isle of Man Improvised Music exists to help like-minded musicians and open-minded listeners enjoy the 'challenge to ability and ear' of Improvised music via recordings and live performances at sympathetic Isle of Man venues.

Improvised recordings originating on the Isle of Man do exist, but to enable this 'living' music form to grow, support is needed not only from performers, but listeners and local venues.

If you wish to help the small number of musicians currently playing Improvised music on the Isle of Man, please feel free to contact Isle of Man Improvised Music at, your views, ideas and any other observations, comments or offers of help will be most welcome...