Isle of Man Improvised Music

Creating Freedom in Music

Local Improvisers

The Isle of Man is fortunate to have some fine Improvising Musicians. Below are just some of those who are actively involved in the local music scene...

Jon Sanders

Jon began performing live music in 1994, commencing on Bass Guitar and later taking up Saxophone and Guitar. He has been exposed to a wide variety of music, including Classical, Fusion, Jazz, Funk, Latin, Soul, Pop, Rock and Metal - to name but a few... At an early stage in his development he became attracted to the freedom of Improvised Music, and has since appeared on several recordings in this idiom. Jon composes original music in many genres, which has included a Saxophone Prelude and a Symphony dedicated to Gustav Holst. He tutors Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Saxophone and Bass Guitar, and in addition offers Other Instrument Tuition. He has also led educational forums specialising in melodic Improvised Music.

Influences: Mark Dudley ( whom I'll always be grateful for totally expanding my listening - thank you...!); Chas Watson; The musicians of Weather Report; Carlos Santana; Anthony Braxton; Jimmy Johnson; Allan Holdsworth; Andy Sheppard; Derryl Gabel; Chad Wackerman; Mike Stern; Dave Charnley; Jaco Pastorius; Gustav Holst; Mike Seed; Pat Metheny; John Coltrane; Scott Henderson; Miles Davis; Adolphe Sax; Steve Lodder; Elvis Presley; Emma Johnson; Frank Zappa; Tal Farlow; Steve Gray; Jan Garbarek; Paul Hotchkiss; John Scofield; George Hughes; Frank Morgan; Andy Swearman; Guthrie Govan; Joe Satriani; Ike Quebec; Tom Wilkinson; Peter Capstick; Mark King; Frank Gambale; Jean Luc Ponty; Jimi Hendrix; Paul Kinrade; Art Tatum; Simon Harvey; Janek Gwizdala; The Six Brown Brothers; John Patitucci; Claude Deppa; Hyacinthe Klose; Frank Dunnery; Roger Leece; John Barry; John Williams; Steve Carrins; Dave Carpenter; Mark Green, Victor Wooten; Henri Mancini; Anglin Buttimore; Philip Glass; Jack Thammarat; Burt Bacharach; Marcus Miller; Anthony Wellington; Gary Husband; Jason Becker; Omar Hakim; Dennis Chambers; All musicians he has performed and played with and has had the pleasure to watch or listen to.

Instruments: Bass Guitar*; Saxophone**; Electric/Acoustic Guitar***; Clarinet; Trumpet/Cornet; Irish Whistles; Native American Flute; Piccolo; (and (extremely) occasionally...) Flute; Ocarina; Recorder; Drums; Keyboards; Voice.

* 4, 5, 6-String & Fretless

** Sopranino, Soprano, Alto, C Melody, Tenor, Baritone

*** Including Extended Range Guitar


Member of:

The Musicians Union;

The Registry of Guitar Tutors;

The Clarinet & Saxophone Society of Great Britain




Website Link: Academy of Quality Music Tuition

Steve Carrins

Steve Carrins relocated to the Isle of Man some years ago after spending all his working life in professional music. He has performed with some of the best musicians on the North West of England club circuit, and has played in Blackpool shows. He is currently working primarily as a composer of New Age Music, blending synthesised sounds with acoustic instruments in a studio setting. Steve has been an excellent composer and arranger for many years, and has also appeared on many recordings as diverse as Church Organ and Choral to Rock, Jazz, Improvised and World musics. Steve is a very melodic Improviser and is easily able to blend many idioms in his performances.

Influences: Thjis Van Leer; Tim Wheater; Joe Zawinul; Cole Porter; Cesar Franck.

Instruments: Piano; Synthesisers; Flutes; Guitar.


Roger Leece

A top-class Drummer and Percussionist with many years experience on a professional level. Roger is highly respected throughout the Isle of Man for his musicianship, and is the 'first-call' Drummer on many projects.

He spent the 1980s and 1990s in London and Europe, touring with The Government (an original Funk band) and the Jaggernauts (Peter Jagger's Blues and Folk outfit). Since then he has played on the Island with Still Crazy, Strange But True, The Mollag Band and Pigs on the Wing. Roger has also been active in various Improvising setups, and continues to push forward his exemplary percussion work in many settings.

Influences: Frank Zappa, Dennis Chambers, to name but a few...!

Instruments: Drums, Percussion, Bass Guitar.


George Hughes

George Hughes has been the mainstay of countless bands on the Isle of Man over the past 30 years, with his superb guitar work and soloing highly-respected amongst local musicians. He has played with Christine Collister, Strange But True and Still Crazy to name but a few...!

Influences: Too numerous to mention!

Instruments: Guitars.


Anglin Buttimore

Anglin Buttimore's superb keyboard and piano work has been prevailant on the Isle of Man for many years. His excellent musicianship has touched many idioms, making him one of the most respected musicians on the current local music scene...

Influences: Too many to list!

Instruments: Piano; Synthesisers; Bass.


Mike Seed

Mike blends Folk, Country, Blues and Free Music/Jazz into a music which has his own unique stamp. He works in many idioms, including Improvised and compositional. He has released numerous recordings under his own name, and is involved in the creation of music with many other Isle of Man musicians. Mike is extremely flexible in his composing style, and often his pieces are created by discarding the traditional 'song structure'.

Influences: Major jaw-dropping moment was listening to 'The End' by The Doors with bleed over from Manx Radio's 'Time for Brass' when I was 12. It was the most psychedelic thing ever. Let's hear it for badly tuned-in radios, especially those droney noises down the far end; John Coltrane; Albert Ayler; Dinosaur Jr.; Scott Walker; Current 93; Trout Mask Replica; King Tubby; King Crimson.

Instruments: Acoustic and Electric Guitars; Drums; Autoharp; Harmonium; Synthesisers; Percussion; Vocals.