Isle of Man Improvised Music

Creating Freedom in Music

About Improvising... what is it...?

In simple terms, Improvisation is 'instant composition'. Whereas the majority of music is composed and assembled into finished pieces over a period of time, Improvisation means that the composition is immediate and does not rely on the pre-conceived ideas of a composer, orchestrator or songwriter...

Why do it...?

Improvisation is a musical challenge... It involves creating music 'without a safety net', ie: No sheet music and no preparation (you can't rehearse...!) It exposes the musician's innermost resources of creativity and can be an exhilarating experience for both performers and audience alike...

What will I hear...?

You can expect to hear musical conversations between the performers. Aural (and visual) communication is a very important factor in Improvisation.

You will hear a very creative performance by the participants, and - if you are very lucky, you will hear musicians reaching heights of expression and creativity that would be not normally present in the framework of a set composition.

The music can often change from style to style within a very short period of time. Often one note can set a new direction or flow, so you might hear anything from Contemporary Funk to Jazz to Latin to... well... who knows...?