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Updated Feb 2nd, 2014...We're slowly getting settled here in TN, and already are on our 2nd batch of kids here.  Be sure to check out our kid pics page and for sale page!  We have many more kids to come for this year!
      We are a small hobby farm in Middle Tennessee.  Our goal is to raise high quality, good natured Nigerians and Mini-Manchas. 

The Nigerian Dwarf is an affectionate mini dairy goat that originated in Africa.  These colorful goats make wonderful pets, and produce wonderfully creamy milk.  Despite their small size they can produce quite a bit of milk!  The Nigerian Dwarf breed has come a long way in the United States, and is even beginning to compete with the larger dairy breeds in conformation and dairyness.


Mini-Manchas are a newly developed breed from a cross between La Mancha does and Nigerian Dwarf bucks.  These wonderful little goats retain the La Mancha breed characteristics and the Nigerian Dwarf personalities.  We have found that the does produced are a small to medium sized dairy goat with incredible milk production with the mild taste of La Mancha milk.

We also have a couple of horses and enjoy trail riding, as well as watching our kids compete at horse shows and fair.

And we recently added a Galloway Banded Heifer to our menagerie, hopefully we'll get a calf out of her in the near future...

We really hope you enjoy our website and stop in and see us if you are in the area.

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American Dairy Goat Association