Life and Times of Jolieene Lael Baxton, PHY


Jolieene was born in a north hold of Torvaldsland of Jason Baxton and Marie DeLaCruz.  Her father was of the city of Ko-Ro-Ba and of the Caste of Physicians and her mother a northern woman.  Her father decided to stay and become the village physician but it was seen as a healer since the North doesn't recognize caste.  In the small village where she grew up, she assisted her father in his caste.  She would sit long hours asking questions and observing him at work.  As she grew older she became his personal assistant in some simplier medical procedures.  This began her interest in the medical field.

One day a warrior from a neighboring village came injured and she assisted her father in fixing him up.  Soon she found her life partner.  She became his Free Companion after months of courting.  They moved further North near the Axe Glaciers.  After two years of renewing their companionship, she became with child.  They raised their son and daughter together in the Northern ways. 

A couple years later, the village was raided by a band of pirates from Port Kar and she found her life had turned upside down.  Her companion and her children were slain.  She was taken from her home and brought to the south.  She was placed in the hands of a Free man who made her his slave.  She was captured and was forced to live with him for several years.  They traveled the Olni River and the Thassa.  After the years of traveling, they arrived at the gates of KoRoBa and lived there for a short time.  She learned that the path of slavery, but she was never truly a slave.  Konrad, the man who owned her decided to leave KoRoBa and like any slave, she followed him but soon he decided she was not worth his time and he disappeared.  She was left to figure out where she belonged.  She wandered on and found herself back at the gates of KoRoBa. 

In KoRoBa she met a man named Dalamar.  She was granted the honor to sit and speak to him about her life, her story, and he graced her with her Freedom once again.  He gave her back the manumission papers and she became Free.  The city documents had shown that her father was of the city of KoRoBa as their physician many years back.  She bought Dalamar's home in KoRoBa and set up residency.  She learned that KRB was the home of her father.  She learned that her path was to be a craftwoman to support herself but she was still of the caste of Physicians just not trained.  She started to save everything she could in working in the city to buy the items she needed to build her business of clay works.  She made and designed pottery, bowls and vessels.  She would travel from place to place trying to sell her wares.

As time passed, she applied for the position of Kennel Mistress in KRB.  She was hired and she begun training the slaves of KRB.  However she still did her crafts and traveled throughout Gor to sell her items. 

She thought about her path and where it will lead her.  What is it she wishes to do with her life?  She looked back through her history and she thought perhaps she needed to seek one to train her in the caste of her father.  She saught out a very remarkable woman who was of the Green but with unfortunate fates had to remove herself of the caste.  KeiLana gave her the information and contact of a man named Bashir and woman named Chloe.  So she contacted Chloe and suddenly the opportunites arrived.  She was given the opportunity to go to the Green Caste school to learn the ways of a physician.  She loved assisting her father when she was younger, she decided to apply.  She was now in training of the Green Caste.  She longs to be in service to those in need of medical attention.  She vows her skills throughout her Home Stone "KoRoBa", her caste, and throughout Gor!

As her time in training and doing her field work, she learned many things not only about the medicine of Gor, but also herself.  She obtained a slave known as kenzi and enslaved her.  She continued to work hard on her lessons, then on Decemeber 1, 2008 she completed her training, provisional work and was certified as a Physician.  Now officially carries a medical pack wherever she goes.  Inside the pack are the necessary tools and herbs to heal along with two daggers, 12 inches, one double sided blade and another single sided with handles.  A surgical bag is kept in the wagon in case needed.  On her person is three capture darts covered at the tips on her belt, one small bag of tassa powder, and inside her right boot is a small 4 inch blade knife.  She dresses in a simple green set of robes to represent her caste, a belt and a pouch with coins for her traveling.  She wears her hair in a single braid down her back and lives the life of a simple woman. 

The city is quiet.  Those she loved are all gone.   Her house stands tall and firm, the lights are turned on and she will create the practice she dreamed about here, a KoRoBan medical clinic.  The hospital is built and adjoins the property by her house.  She is available to her city whenever needed.  She lives by the codes the Physician caste and her Home Stone.

She currently is traveling throughout Gor learning of the lands and people.    She stands behind being a Free Woman first.  She does not hide behind her caste.  She is accountable for all of her words and actions.

She owns a wagon and two bosk "Tu" and "Chuk".  She is often found staying at the cottage just outside the city where she spends a good amount of her time reading and studying.   She has met a Free Man, AlbusNiall, who she has grown close to.  He is her friend and has taken interest in her.  Time will tell what it will lead to. 

She owns the slave keelyJo whose name was kenzi.  The slave is a white silk tower slave who is trained as a medical healer assistant slave.   The slave is held accountable for her actions by all Free.   Keely died both online and real time in April 2013 .  She is free in the heavens of Odin!  She is greatly missed!

 Left the city of KoRoBa when everyone she cared about died.  She is on her own and her mission to find herself.  All that is left is a pack of medical supplies and her wagon.  Life has a way of handing you many obstacles to overcome.  This is one of them. 

Just recently returned after a long absence sailing the Thassa.  I'm unsure of this new ways but I will learn it as I go....