John Alphons Pandeni Combined School

School needs 2012 (Short term and long term ones)

Please donate anything including useful ideas. All donations will be acknowledged on this website.

 Pledge via facebook (kashindi ausiku) via e-mail or sms 0812602270 Skye ID:kashindikange

Welcome back : This year we will raise funds to help the school buy some school needs especially the computer accessories for a computer lab, luckily enough the Ministry has started to build the . You can e-mail info or proof of payment  to or indicating the date and amount when you did the deposit or simply scan the deposit slip and fax to the school e-fax:          0886516235 (+264)

School Bank Account details for this purpose  
Bank Windhoek
Account Name: John A. Pandeni Reunion
Saving Account No: 8001904116
Outapi Branch
Branch Code: 484173
Bank Windhoek
Swift Code: BWLINANX

Computer Lab

The fundraising for the construction of this lab has started. You can now pledge the amount  from N$100 (although) not compulsory towards this good course. All what you need to do from 21 April to 31 November  2012 is to pledge the amount that you would be able to pay for this purpose by 31 Novembver 2012 or earlier. Targeted total N$3000 00. Please give all your Personal details and Contacts, such as cellphone or e-mail address. Below is an image showing learning sitting in Library turned computer lab because of lack of space.


  Names of people who pledged.

1. Mr. Kashindi Ausiku (School Patron and Ex-learner N$3000.00 ( paid 30.07.12)

2. Ms. Petrina Nandjila Mwetulundila-owusu-afriyie (Ex-learner) N$1000.00 (paid on 21.10.2012)

3. Mr. Ausiku Namambe Gosbertus YaNamwandi (Ex-learner) N$1000.00 (paid 17.11.12)

4. Ms. Bernadette Menyah-Artivor (Ex-learner) donated an iPhone 4 worth N$5000.00 to be used to raise fund (Mee Kauna KaApisai yaNambinga). Phone given to the Patron on 11.11.2012

5. Mr. Isdor Kanyangela (JAP School Principal) N$2000.00 (30.05.12) paid on    


6. Mr. Sam Shivute, Windhoek N$2, 250.00 ( paid on 26.11.2012)

7. Ms Magdalena Endjala (Teacher at the school) N$1000.00 (30.05.2012)paid on  


8. Ms Cecilia Anghuwo (Teacher at the school) N$1000.00 (30.05.2012) paid on  


9. Ms Susan Shilongo (Ex-learner) N$500 (31.05.2012) paid on 25.06.2012

10. Ms Mansueta Dlakavu(Kansuwe) Ex-learner (N$500) paid on 20.11.2012

11. Tuliline Trading Services N$500 (paid on 30.07.12)

12. Ms Martha Lugambo, Ex-learner N$300  paid on 02.01.2013)

13. Ms Maria Hanghuwo, Okahandja N$200 paid (18.06.2012)

14. Ms. Foibe N. Shatiwa, Teacher David Sheehama N$200  (paid on 20.11.2012)

15. Mr Joseph Aipanda, Ex-learner N$500 (paid 24.12.2012)

16. Mr Lameck Mwanyangapo, N$200 (pledged on 25.06.2012)

17. Mr Titus Shikongo Kaizer, N$600 (paid on 26.06.2012) 

18. Ms Maila Uupindi, N$200 cash (paid on 08.07.2012)

19. Dr. Hertha Pomuti, Okahandja, paid N$500.00

20. Mr. Jonas Mateus, Teacher, John Pandeni N$500.00 (paid)
21. Meme Karista Kangulu, parent N$50.00) Paid
22. Meme Stell-Maris Andowa, parent N$500.00) (paid on 12.08.12)
23. Chief Justice Peter Shivute, Windhoek N$1000 (paid on 13.08.12)
24. Namtranslations Services CC,  (N$1000 paid cash, N$2000 to be paid in kind)
25. Anonymous pledge no 1. N$500 (14.08.12) (name provided to school) (paid)
26. Mr.Timberland Andowa Sha'Temb, N$500 (paid)
27. Mr. Trofie Shoombe, N$500  (paid)
28. Ms Bernaddette Shalumbu, N$500 (paid on 28.11.2012)
29. Mr. Tobias Neumbo Amadhila N$500 paid cash (19.08.2012)
30. Ms Rosalinde Mbundje-Uulenga, Ex-learner N$100 paid (08.09.2012)
31. Ms Clementius Mbundje-Kalilo, Ex-learner N$100 paid (08.09.2012)
34. Nalimanguluke Ashipala (Kanali), New York,  N$1000 (paid on 08.10.12)
35.Ms. Amutenya Lyda Ndatila (teacher at  school) $300.00 paid on (11/09/2012
36.Mr.Nangolo Issy and friends Paid N$100.00 cash on 11/10/2012

Lists-Omahanga -All Paid

By the following former learners:

1. Ms Erna Mwanyangapo N$1162.00

2. Ms Elizabeth Mwetulundila N$ 1185.00

3. Mr Kanyangela Gervasius N$200

4. Mr Herbert Kamati: 650.00

 Total: N$26, 547.00 plus an iphone worth N$5000.00