John Alphons Pandeni Combined School

Photos taken at the school renaming ceremony 2 May 2009 by Kashindi Ausiku (School Patron)


Learners lining up to welcome dignitaries at their school renaming ceremony on 2 May 2009


The arrival of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Namibia: Rt. Hon. Nahas Angula

From left a representative of the Chinese Embassy, followed by Hon. S.Shaningwa, Hon. R.Dinyando and Hon P. Iilonga being welcomed by the Acting Headmaster, Ms Magdalena Shikonda

 A cultural group that entertained the audience

Mr A. Shaningwa welcoming the Nigerian Higher Commissioner to Namibia

 Mr Jackson Kamati escorting guests to the VIP tent

 Mr Martin Ausiku (Milla) pictured with his colleague

Main table: (from left) Hon. Iilonga, Hon. Mbumba, Rt. Hon. N. Angula and Tatekulu O. Mukulu Ombalantu Senior Headman Ms Julia Pandeni (left) and His Worship, Mathew Ndeshitila, Mayor of Outapi Town

 (Left) Hon. H. Yakasita with his wife

 The parents of the late John Alphons Pandeni


 Hon. U. Nujoma (left) also attended the event

Hon. J. Aluvilu, Councillor of the Anamulenge Consituency introducing Hon. S. Shaningwa, Governor of the Khomas Region.
 .... .......

 Ms Julia Pandeni introducing her daughter to the audience.

 Mr Tobias Neumbo Amadhila (Tona) 

 ... ...
Hon. Nangolo Mbumba, Minister of Education who introduced the Prime Minister to the audience Rt. Hon. Nahas Angula, PM of the Republic of Namibia
who delivered the keynote address
 Mr Fillemon Shikwambi reciting a poem  NUNW President, Cde. Alfeus Muheua greeting the audience

 Mr C. Eita and Her  Worship, A. Kafula, Deputy Mayor,
City of WHK

 Mr Oswald Shivute of the Namibian newspaper,
has provided an extensive coverage of the ceremony

Mr David Iilekwa (Natangwe) of Okavu Aircon who was named after one of the blocks pictured with learnersMr Temeipo Andjamba who was also named after one
block pictured with his sisters
 Some of the former learners who attended the eventFormer teachers from left Mefrou Anna and Mefrou Maria pictured with madam Agnes.
Mr L. Mwanyangapo of NBC  (right) pictured with his father  Former learner Ms S. Shilongo pictured with Meme Andowa

Mr Temeipo Andjamba (left) with Likius Shuuveni
all former learners



The Prime Minister introduced some senior government leaders and unionists who attended the event
From left: Hon. L. Lukas, Hon. R. Dinyando, Hon. Dr A. Kawana, Hon. P. Mushelenga, Hon. J. Aluvilu, Hon. P. Iilonga
Hon. H. Yakasita, Hon. S Shaningwa, Cde A. Muheua and Cde C. Pandeni