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Mr Kashindi Ausiku: John Alphons Pandeni Combined School Patron
[BA,Higher Education Diploma PG (Unam), BA Hons, MA Sociolinguistics, (Unisa]
International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL)

Message posted on 14 January 2014

Special Welcome


I would like to use this opportunity to welcome you back from the long vacation and to congratulate you for a sterling performance in 2013.

I was really pleased to learn from the school principal that the school got 80.7% pass rate last year.  I am very optimistic that this year we can hopefully achieve 90% pass rate. Hence the need to work hard as a team that is striving to achieve a common goal.


I would like to share the views of one student who successfully tried to distinguish a good teacher from a great teacher. In his humble opinion…

“A great teacher goes out of the way to impart things other than mere education that enable a person to not only achieve the ultimate success in life but also to become a better human being in life. When you remember a good teacher you think, "he taught me what I know today" whereas, when you remember a great teacher, you think, " He made me What I am today".

I would say this comparison is not only limited to teachers but can also be extended to parents, school boards members and students as well.

In other words we should all strive to be great as we carry out our duties and responsibilities. Hard work always pays off.

Our school is named after a great man and we should try our level best to be one of the top performing schools in the region if not in the country as a way of paying homage to him.

Good luck to everyone and see you soon!

Kashindi Ausiku, Windhoek

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