John Alphons Pandeni Combined School


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The late Hon. John Alphons Pandeni who was named after this school.

 John Alphons Pandeni Combined School (formerly Okavu CS) is a government school that was
established in 1973. Currently there are 543 learners, 22 teachers, 1 Secretary, 2 cleaners, 2 security guard, 8 School Board Members and 1 Principal.
It is a Cluster Centre for the following schools: Canisianum H. School, Anamulenge PS, Oshiputu PS,
Ondeitotela PS, Dr. Dumeni CS and Okafitu Kakamba PS. The school is situated in the Omundjala Village, Northern Namibia. On 2 May 2009 the school was officially renamed after the Late John Alphons Pandeni who was a Cabinet Minister in the Government of the Republic of Namibia who died in a car accident. The school has also named three blocks after prominent community members. one block was named after the Omusati Governor, Hon. Sophia Shaningwa who was also a learner at this school. Another one was named after John T. Andjama (businessman and former learner) and the last one was named after David N.lileka (Owner of Okavu Aircon and former learner). See pictures on the page titled renaming ceremony on this site.

Namibia Beverages: Part of the Coca-Cola family donated an information
Board for the school. In the photos learners pictured in front of the board.
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