Jodarkski German Shepherd Dogs

                  Jodarkski German Shepherds

Jodarkski German Shepherds specializes in KC registered, large, big boned, straight backed, and semi & long coated GSDs in all colours including white and blue.  All of our dogs are a big part of our family and the puppies are raised in our home and treated like our own children! We believe in raising our puppies in the same environment they will live in, see our "Raising our puppies" page . 

Above is KC "Jodarkski Ice Dragon"
 at three years old 
KC is my "Pride and Joy and such a Gentle Giant"
He is everything we ever wanted to breed and just like his mother Tia in size, structure and temperament:-)
Everyone who meets him instantly fall in love with him. 
KC was bred by us at Jodarkski German Shepherds
he is from our 09 litter of Tia to Snowy
bless him he was chilling out and resting,
after an energetic day at stud the previous day:-) 
and below is Joe "Jodarkski Black Flame from our 08 litter
of Tia to Kooga 

 Jodarkski puppies go to their new home at 9 weeks of age (no earlier).  Puppies are with us for such a short time  and we feel bonding with the mother, litter mates and us as their main carers is paramount and it is an important time in the puppies' lives, as they learn so much during this  time.  We also believe it is important for the puppy and you as the new family  to socilise and bond with your puppy.  You are not only welcome but encouraged to visit your puppy when the litter is 3 weeks old; weekly, the more visits the better, as you will not only be bonding with your puppy but be helping to socilise all of the puppies in the litter  (with prior notice and at reasonable times, unfortunately my health isn't great and I put so much time in with our puppies that I end up paying for it and most morning I have to go back to bed to catch up on much needed sleep, so I have to ask that you visit or phone during the afternoon or evening) 

To reserve a particular puppy, we require a non-returnable deposit to be left.  We ask you to seriously consider your purchase before leaving or sending a deposit.  You need to be absolutely sure that you want to add a Jodarkski puppy to your home, as deposits are non refundable will not be returned if you back out (except under special circumstances) but put towards the cost of re-advertisement of the puppy. 

They will leave our care fully wormed, with their KC papers, 4 weeks insurance , birth certificate, contract/guarantee (which, as the new owner, you will be required to sign on collection of your puppy), and a puppy pack which includes a 3 generation pedigree, care sheet, a blanket, a toy, a puppy collar,  a comb or brush, and a disc of photos, which will include photos of the parents, grand parents if possible, and weekly photos of your puppy starting from birth until they go home. They will also be chipped, with my telephone number as first point of call. They will not of had their vaccinations yet as puppies should not receive their first  injection until they are 10 weeks old and they are only 9 weeks when they leave our care. By waiting until they are the right age it  allows their immune system time to mature.  If vaccinations are given too early, the maternal antibodies will prevent them from being of any use. And if given prior to this age, not only will they not be of any use, chances are you vet will use a different brand and have to repeat them, over loading puppy with too many unneeded chemicals - you only inject your child once so way would you put your puppy through any more? 

We are responsible breeders and will take back any puppy/dog that has to be re-homed by its owner.  We will not allow our puppies to be given away or resold without written and signed permission.  We do this to ensure they get a good home and do not end up in rescue kennels or passed from home to home.  We love our puppies and want to ensure they end up in a loving, permanent home.

All puppies are sold with KC endorsements with the restrictions "not eligible for breeding".  These endorsements can be lifted after temperament testing and with health certificates of acceptable score as recommended by the Kennel Club for this breed. I am happy to work with new breeders as long as they are prepared to do things right. I will never understand other breeders who refuse to sell to other breeders, or won't allow their stud dog to be used by anyone else? Why we all have to start somewhere and if the breeder of their first dog refused to allow them to breed then where would they be now? However I don't want one of my puppies ending up being used as a breeding machine and dumped when no longer any use as a money making scheme.  This is why my puppies are endorsed and the endorsement won't be lifted until I am sure you are trust worthy and will take forever care of my puppies and ensure proper health test are done!    
You will be required to take your puppy to an obedience class, as early sociliasation with other dogs is paramount to your puppy's future and well being. A well mannered puppy does not just happen.  Your puppy will become what you allow him/her to become.  Any temperament faults lies with you, the owner, not the breed.

You will also be required to take your puppy to be examined by your vet within 72 hours of purchase.  Money will only be refunded with a letter from your vet giving a valid reason why he/she feels the puppy was unsuitable to be sold. No money will be refunded just because you no longer want the hassle of looking after and caring for a puppy.


                               Jodarkski puppies

Some of our Jodarkski puppies, this photo was taken at a companionship show held on  the 5th September 2010 in aid of the charity GSD2000.


 From left to right is:

from Tia's 3rd litter to Snowy; at 10 months old;

Prince; "Jodarkski Elf King"

KC; "Jodarkski Ice Dragon"

Shumba; "Jodarkski Moon Wolf" and

Indy; "Jodarkski  snow angel"

then from Tia's 2nd litter to Kooga; at 1year 10 months

Joe;" Jodarkski Black Flame" and

Hunter; "Jodarkski Dark Warrior"


 Thank you! to those that were able to attend this event, the puppies above and also from Tia's 3rd litter Mia, "Jodarkski Snow Witch"  and from Tia's 1st litter Flint "Jodarkski Sapphire Prince" who were there on the day but arrived after this photo had been taken:-)) It was so great to see you all:-) and for those of you that were either on holiday or already committed to be else where, don't worry I will try to arrange another date for all Jodarkski puppies to get together with a lot more notice this time:-)