Our property consists of 10 acres.  Approximately 2 acres is fenced for our home and "play yards" for the dogs, while the remaining 8 acres is pasture (also securely fenced).

Extremely active guests who have been coming here for a while (i.e. - we know them well) are treated to supervised romps in the pasture, where they can run and explore (and wear themselves out!)  Our goal is to send home a tired and happy dog.  Those of you who have returned from vacation to pick up a hyperactive, kennel-crazy pet can appreciate this!

We have plenty of room to run, romp and play!  Active guests can spend their days enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, doing a bit of "gardening" and wrestling with their playmates.  The three play-yards are securely fenced with 5-foot high, "no-climb" dog wire and chain link.  Our "Houndini" yard has an electric fence wire running at sections of the top and bottom to prevent dogs from digging under or climbing over.  This is for your dog's safety!
All yard gates are latched to prevent accidental opening.  Railroad ties are positioned at the base of the fence to prevent digging under. Your dog's safety is our number one concern - we wouldn't want one of our dogs to get lost, and we certainly don't want yours to get lost either!
There is ample shade in each yard, courtesy of large, old oaks and bradford pear trees.  A large wooden deck gives our guests a great place to lounge and play in wading tubs in the summer.
All of the play-yards look out over our 10 acres of pasture, where our horses and sheep graze and enjoy country living.
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4508 Sandfort Road, Seale AL 36875