Jenn Korth

Working with art to connect to our higher selves

My Journey



In an amazingly hectic world such as ours, where our lives pass-by so quickly, Most of us have neither the time nor energy to pause and take in the atmosphere outside of our immediate goals. We rush off in one direction or another, desperately trying complete our never ending lists of things to accomplish. We struggle to find balance between our careers families and personal sanity. Ours is a world where mood altering medications and shallow distractions, meant to relieve us of some of our anxieties, are creating a disconnection between mind, body and spirit.

My work is meant to awaken us to see past the material world and inspire us to reconnect to ourselves, our personal spirituality, and our endless imaginations.

During my process I commit myself to find that place of inspiration and inner reflection. I allow myself, through meditation, to fully experience the colors, textures and patterns, of the subtle energies of creation. I free myself of Earthy restrictions and allow those energies to flow freely into the piece. The result is a spiritual snapshot of the liberation of the soul and a connection to the raw creative energy flow of the universe.