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*Private Lessons Available in the Austin, Texas community*

Leave a message: 512-765-6887 (512-76-LOTUS)

Periodic Workshops & Seminars offered in Des Moines, Iowa & Kansas City, MO.
Other area training groups must speak with an instructor to see who is available to travel.

Mountain Path Medical Qigong Treatment Offerings

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This is how you get in on the ground floor...

Q: How do you become actively involved in your own health, personal evolution, and empowerment AND connect with a conscientious group of friends also interested in this type of truly universal personal development???
A: You begin with a practical, powerful, and effective system of personal growth and self-realization AND work with others who seek the same type of transformative development using this powerful system in order to better themselves and the world in the process :)

* We have been prompted and encouraged to start Community Building Monthly Weekend Intensives in Des Moines for Beginning Students & Friends. Please NOTE: Parents who actively train are allowed and encouraged to include their Children in this odyssey of personal expression and development. :)

* These workshops are for those interested in learning effective qigong practices for health enhancement, practical Tai Chi for longevity and mobility, and internal martial arts (transformative life kung fu for the modern warrior) for self-defense and lifestyle balance. Of course, there will be the most important component for integration taught -- universal meditation.

*This is a lifestyle-enhancement system for those ready for an active, introspective, self-empowering change -- this is unlike anything mass-marketed or popularized by mainstream fads. Make no mistake, if you desire transformation and are seeking answers, this system provides a powerful set of tools for you to formulate better questions that enable you to fully obtain this wisdom on your own terms.

"The most fundamental form of worldly sustainability is the sustainability of your personal health and wellbeing. How can you expect to create significant change in the grand scheme of our world when your own temple is in disarray and neglect? Learn from within to affect without. Practice Life Arts. The world will thank you." ~PHB

Quick Class Descriptions:
Unlike some schools, we focus on a practical, non-denominational, non-sectarian way of teaching and living -- all things in moderation and with personal empowerment being the key to your transformation. It behooves you to be discerning, beware of cults and clever marketing, trust in your personal experience rather than heresay, rumor, slander, and gossip. Always ask :) There is no time to waste and so much to achieve! Put another way: "Decades of training does not a master make. To rest purely on the laurels of having done something repetitiously for a long period of time (remember the definition of Insanity: "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" sound familiar?) does not ensure cessation of the Ego or insight beyond the sensory realms of illusion. This produces a person who 'possesses' a finitely masterful way, but not one who 'is' a True Master. Focusing on personal inner work is the only universal, loving-compassionate, non-denominational, abundantly accessible way. Be respectfully discerning, choose wisely, do not accept anything at face-value these days. :)"

Adult Kung Fu of Personal Mastery: The Full Expression of the Mountain Way System -- a class for physical transformation & development, self-defense & self-preservation -- holistic & integrated, effective & practical, compassionate & introspective

Basic Tai Chi for Rejuvenation: for health, mobility, and awareness (drawing from Yang, Chen, Sha, and Wu styles)

Energetic LifeLong Qigong: Breath & Body Life-enhancing exercises (drawing from martial, medical, and spiritual systems of universal energy cultivation and development)

Mountain Path Tai Chi & Chinese Yoga Fusion: Relaxed Martial Movement & Qigong (fusion of the Tai Chi and Qigong curriculum for dynamic learning)

Mountain Path Qinna (Chin-Na): Joint Manipulations and Control (essentials for the martial arts and basic self-defense practice)

Twisting Dragon Circle Walking Meditation: Baguazhang for balance, flexibility, and fitness (all levels welcome, but previous martial arts conditioning & training is recommended)

Wisdom Development Group: for meditation, introspection, and those seeking self-realization -- bring a few sitting pillows (the way of the seeker, the sage, the saint -- the science & way of evolving human beings)

The Science & Art of Neigong: The 'Secret' of True Seekers, Saints, and Sages (aka nei gong, neikung, nei gung)

What it is, what it isn't, and why you should be practicing regardless of whether you are a martial artist or not. This advanced method of cultivation is misunderstood by experts, adepts, and novices alike. Improve the entirety of your being with internal development practice. This is the core of Mountain Path training.

For neigong instruction & serious spiritual cultivators -- we are accepting private students only, interview and character references may be required. Open mind, diligent practice, and curious spirit necessary to succeed and proceed. Forget what you know, move beyond false teachings and cult-think. ~the Mountain Path

*Kansas City Area Update* Monthly Workshop!  

*Des Moines Update* Monthly Workshop!

A Beginners Class

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Our Integrated Skills and Life Arts Classes include, but are not limited to:

Meditation Guidance, Introspective Advisement, Dynamic Wisdom Consulting

Group Awareness Meditation Sessions, Private Consultations, Divination/Intuitive Readings, Relationship Enhancement, Spiritual Seekings

Medical Qigong Training for Self-healing

Specialized body-coordinated breathwork for wellness and lifestyle enhancement

Basic & Advanced Tai Chi Classes

A traditional martial art for rejuvenation, self-awareness, and self-defense

Medical Qigong Energywork

Mindful mind-body therapy specific to your needs

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Classes

Mountain Way Kung-Fu, tai chi, xingyi, baguazhang, practical self-defense skills, & internal power development training

Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbology, Preventative Lifestyle Instruction,
Qigong for health and medical use,
special martial skills, weapons practice, and advanced applications
for combat, sports performance, and the dedicated learner!
"The Many Dimensions of Kung Fu"

Proudly Serving Austin, Kansas City, Lawrence, Des Moines, Boulder, Denver, Toronto, and Omaha!

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