Jimmy Coates: Where Everything Happens

All the locations in the Jimmy Coates series are either real places in the world, or based very closely on real places. So here are a couple of maps to help you picture all of the events in the stories. The first one is almost the whole world, obviously, but you should zoom in on some of the places for more details and more locations (zoom by double-clicking on the map or by using the + sign in the top-left corner).

Below the map of the world, I've zoomed in on London for you, because that's where most of the action takes place. And beneath that there is a selection of videos of me in some of those London locations, talking you through all of the action.

 For more about my local area and how I used it in Jimmy Coates: Blackout, check out this article on The Kentishtowner website. 

Jimmy Coates: The World

Jimmy Coates: London

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Jimmy Coates: Locations, with author Joe Craig