"Few books have the power to drag young boys away from their Xbox or Wii, but I've seen the Jimmy Coates series in action - Super Mario is no match for this schoolboy assassin."

(The Independent, 50 Best Summer Reads)


"DESPITE THE SEARCH for the next Anthony Horowitz or J. K. Rowling, children’s publishers often fail to realise when they have struck gold. They pump money into solemn, literary offerings by established authors which no normal child is going to hanker after and leave the rip-roaring read to fend for itself.

"Joe Craig is a case in point. His Jimmy Coates series is...Immensely clever, immediately engaging... will prepare a child for Orwell and Huxley...

"...pure gold for boys who have read everything by Anthony Horowitz — or have not been able to tackle him yet.

"Boys love this kind of stuff, and so do girls. Jimmy is a pint-sized version of RoboCop or Terminator... The Bourne Identity for kids...

"Craig...  has developed the sharp satirical edge that keeps the new generation of boys hooked on books. Which is, in itself, the act of a superhero."

(The Times - read the full review: http://www.freewebs.com/joecraiguk/reviews.htm)


"Packed full of shocks and surprises, high-octane action sequences, constant dangers and near-miss escapes from death, this is an at-a-sitting read for Bond and Rider fans everywhere. With bags of film potential..." (School Library Association)


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Here's a little video of me in my writing den, talking about Jimmy Coates: Sabotage. There are already two even newer books in the series since I shot this video!

Joe Craig: the Author