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  I have 3 movie ideas.  Here is a brief description.  Email me for a complete screenplay of any of these ideas.


Working Title: Novia
Scene 1
An American married couple, a man and woman, are both sexist and chauvinistic.  They are also homophobic, which is a topic that unites them, though people still wonder why they are married.   They are abducted by aliens, who leave a written explanation on the ground that the couple are being taken to a planet, Novia, with an advanced civilization, and will be returned after their experiment is complete. 
Scene 2
The inhabitants are similar to humans, attractive, nice, well-adjusted.  The couple start arguing about whether such beings are men or women.  
The couple are informed that they were brought to Novia as part of an experiment.  They have nothing to fear, Their families know where they are, and they will be returned to Earth in 3 months and paid for their time.  Any questions?

  Yes, says the husband, who notices that Novians are not quite identical humans.  Are you a man or a woman?  The Novians explain that they have no gender.  Any 2 Novians can fall in love, reproduce, etc. but that gender does not exist here.  The couple are stunned.  The husband always "hangs with the guys."  The wife always gossips with other women about men.  How can they function?  Any relationship between Novians would seem queer.  The Novians explain that this is exactly why this couple was chosen: they are so sexist.  Novians want to understand how humans on Earth can function. particularly in the USA, where people are obsessed with sex and gender.  The husband is disappointed, not because he is accused of sexism, but because he was looking forward to a macho battle against savage captors.  The wife is also disappointed that she can't ridicule anyone, except her husband, and he is tired of it.
Scene 3
The couple are both given jobs.  The simplest tasks seem difficult, at least at first, because they are not used to working with these genderless beings.  Ask for directions?  Simple, but he only feels comfortable asking men, and she only likes to ask women.  The Novians embarrass them, being polite but thorough, stable but not aggressive, and combining the best qualities of the 2 Earthling genders.

Movie idea--#3

Working Title: 


"No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people" -- HL Mencken

An animated talking flower called Lovey-Dovey ("LD") is elected president of the US and becomes a great president.

Scene 1:  High School history class.  The year is 2048.  The teacher explains the GOP has held the White House for 20 years, and has a strong candidate running.  The Democrats last won in 2020 and 2024, after the disastrous Trump presidency.  A huge recession in 2025, however, has allowed the GOP to win


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