Jimaline Ragdolls




We are a very small family run cattery, we all have a great love of cats, all cats but especially the ragdoll. I believe once you have had a ragdoll you can't go back. Their beauty is just an added plus, its their tempremant, the unconditional love and their layed back attitude. Whats not to love?

We are registered with the CATS VICTORIA INC and strongly agree to and abide by thier code of ethics 

We also show our cats and enjoy the company of other great cat lovers we meet at shows.

I must mention my two lovely children Mariah and Mason, they truley make jimaline ragdolls kittens so lovable, our kittens are handled daily from a young age they are brought up in house, are very used to the sound of xbox and WII games as they are never far from Mariah or Masons knees.

We are breeding to the type and temprement that Ragdolls are so well known for.

Our aim is to breed healthy lovable companions.



We do not turn over a large amount of kittens, we prefer quality over quantity, kittens cant get the attention they require if you have 15-20kittens at once.We do have a waiting list.

We will not let our kittens go to their new homes before 12 weeks, no exceptions.

Kittens will only be sold to approved homes, Ragdolls are not an outside cat, should you require an outside cat, the Ragdoll is not for you.

Our kittens come to you wormed vaccinated, desexed, flea and ear mite treated (revolution),toilet trained and well socialised. Our kittens are raised on quality food (Royal cannin and science diet) Kittens will come to you vey socialised and people friendly, you will also recieve a goody bag with a sample of food ect.

Kittens also come with a free 6 week pet insurance plan, this covers illness or injury, loss by theft or straying.

Kittens also come with pedigree papers, you will receive a folder with information, pedigree papers, desexing certificate, vaccination card and a certificate of health from our amazing vet at Avonsliegh veterinary clinic


We stress that if you choose not to buy from me (thats Fine) Please only purchase from a registered breeder, you may contact the Fccv , Gccv and Cats Victoria Inc, for contacts of highly regarded Registered breeders.If I can't help you I also have a list of other registered ragdoll breeders, who may be able to help you.

Kitten prices are $900.00 pet

Show  from $900.00

Breeder kitten From $1500.00

I dont freight !

Picking up your new Kitten, You must have a clean safe carry cage to take your kitten home in. If you do not have one you may purchase one from us.We can supply a PP20 for $55.00 in blue.

we will not allow a kitten to leave our home without a safe suitable cat carrier.


We also have quality scratching posts that will not fall apart for a very reasonable price of $40.00

kitty litter trays with a sieve to be used with wood pellets (that is what I use)They are also priced at $45.00

litter pellets 15kg $20.00

We are situated in DROUIN Victoria


Once kittens are six weeks of age we will take deposits, we don't like to take deposits before this stage.

Deposit amount is $100.00, once a deposit is made we will send follow up photos. You may come to our home and choose your kitten at or around 6 weeks of age, we have a better idea of color.

I have some lovely letters from past familys who have purchased a kitten from me, and have come back for a second or even third kitten.


Payment plans available, Please ask.

Please note Deposit is non refundable after 7 day cooling off period.

however it is transferable to another kitten


Please feel free to send an email and I will contact you asap.

Many thanks for taking the time to read a little about us.





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