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The restoration of this project is still active. However I have had some major issues of my own to deal and way behind schedule.

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Below is MAD's original text.  We hope to continue the project for everyones benefit.

From the originator of this project:


Welcome to the Mad Scientist research site.  You may have seen my HHO cell work and voltage adder (now known as COSM) unit that was built to work with it on You Tube, so no doubt you are here to see the images of the cell, COSM and the signal oscillator so you can build them yourself.  Please feel free to peruse the photos.  We research all facets of alternative fuel technologies and finding ways of applying them to your motor vehicle.  The items we research and build are designed to help you gain mileage on your vehicle with or without HHO generating equipment.  We have 100% transparency and post all information required for you to replicate what we've done.  We keep nothing secret, so what you see is what we've done.  When we post a success, it's because we want you to be equally successful.  This site is also a forum for the FREE exchange of ideas, opinions, and information regarding HHO and other related subjects regarding mileage gains and the reduction of our national reliance on fossil fuels.

I have posted our wire gauge selection chart.  The link to the page doesn't show up on the nav bar for all pages (and I have no reason why), so check it out at this link:  http://www.madcosm.com/wiregauge.htm


 Thanks!  :)


The You Tube videos are still unavailable.