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Dreams In The Night!

Dreams In The Night!

Jesus Is My Strength!

Believe you are who God says you are, 

fathom the double blessings of God

crediting it to you as righteousness.

Your scarred stained hands are tender Lord,

as you hold me when I sleep.

Your whispers are low as you

comfort me when I weep.

The smell of roses gathering around me

as your Spirit fills the room.

Oh how I long to touch your face

as I continue to dream, 

you reach for my hand, I feel holes so

deep in your palms as you move my hand

to your face, I see the tears that fall

on my pillow as you weep.

Your words fill my soul and your love for me I see,

while I dream of you and me. 

O how wonderful you are my

Redeemer my King.

I'm sorry my Lord that I 

doubted your goodness, 

help me stand Jesus and know

your here with me as I sleep..

Written By Betty Bolden


Jesus is my joy ministries


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