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 JES S.O.S Boxers  is a website dedicated to helping Boxers that are in need for a forever home. I advertise Boxers that have already been rescued and are now in a Foster care environment and awaiting adoption and also Boxers that are currently  in various pounds or shelters. I occasionally will also have listed BullMastiffs, American/Aussie/English/British/French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Pugs, Dogue de Bordeaux and most other Mastiff origin breeds that need homes.
I am also a Foster carer located in Sydney and when i can I focus on rescuing Boxers and keeping them in my care till a new permanent home can be found. If you know of a Boxer that requires a new home please let me know and I will list them on my site. If you or someone you know has a Boxer that
they can no longer look after please contact me and I can discuss the best way of finding them a loving new home.  Any dogs advertised on this site by a rescue group is done free of charge and ALL DOGS ARE TO BE DESEXED PRIOR TO REHOMING.
If you do not see a dog on this site that suits you then feel free to
contact me and I will keep your details on file so I can notify you when I come across one that may be suitable.


After living with a Boxer for the last 5 1/2 years, I have fallen in love with the breed and have found a need to help

the ones that are homeless in anyway possible.

This website is dedicated to my beautiful girl

"Nala"  (6th Dec 01 - 3rd April 07) ... R.I.P baby girl xox





Introducing "Telde Cost A Fortune" aka "Costa"

D.O.B: 15th July 2007

Dam: Telde Pennies from Heaven & Sire: Steynmere Had It All (Imp UK) 

Costa is a Bobtail (natural short tail) Boxer. He is from a small Ethical, Reputable, Registered Breeder and I cant thank Julie and Lynda from NIJA & TELDE Boxers for allowing Costa to be part of my family. I must recommend to anyone interested in purchasing a Boxer puppy from a Breeder that they do their research !

The parents of the puppies for sale should have been heart checked and tested heart murmur free prior to breeding and if they have had their thyroid and hips scored, even better.
The puppies should look plump and healthy, with loose pliable skin, clear eyes, loose coat (pull up the skin on the pups back to see if it very loose).
The enviroment where puppies are a kept is clean and comfortable.
The mother should have a very good temperament, playful, not shy or aggressive and looks in good condition (Bear in mind she may be a little thin and her coat may be sparse as she has just gone through feeding and rearing this litter). Boxers can have hereditary hip and cardiac conditions but with heatlh testing and careful breedring the risks can be minimised. Puppies hould not be rehomed til minimum 8 weeks onwards and should have been regularly wormed, had its 1st vaccination and be microchipped.

@ 4 weeks old:


@ 10 weeks old:



@ 12 months old:






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