LIBERTY: The Jersey Central Lines Today

Remains of the CNJ Pennsylvania Division

Jersey Central Lines: Easton

     On the first page of the virtual tour we will start at Easton, MP 72.7, where the CNJ Pennsylvania Division main line enters Pennsylvania from Phillipsburg, New Jersey. The main line enters Pennsylvania on a large bridge crossing the Delaware River now actively used by Norfolk Southern as part of their Lehigh Line, a major Newark to Harrisburg freight route. Today the tracks are reconfigured and a siding now branches off to access the old CNJ Main, now the Belvidere & Delaware River Railroad's Easton Branch. The rails are intact for approximately two miles to West Easton. The main then crosses Third Street, the Lehigh River, and Lehigh Drive on a combination deck truss/through truss bridge. The Lehigh Valley Railroad line, now Norfolk Southern is seen at left.

(Photo from the Library Of Congress Collection)


CNJ passenger station at Fourth Street in Easton, PA.


The station was built in 1887 and was razed in the late 1970s after being a victim of arson. Below, looking east from the passenger station site, Easton. The second main track is buried in the grass. The sidings that served the freight house and coal pockets are long gone.


Looking west at the passenger station site.


After passing the station, a side track diverged and came down a steep grade and crossed what is now Lehigh Drive to serve an industry accessed by a switchback. In early years a coal fired power station was located in the area between the road and the river. In later years a supply company was located here. Even today, the rails still cross the road. In the photo below, the main is above the large rock wall, while the Easton Spur branches off and decends the steep grade (smaller rock wall) seen here.


Also at this location are the Easton coal pockets. Hopper cars were spotted on top and coal was unloaded by gravity. There are fifteen (15) chutes.


Chute 11 detail.


Nearby, Lehigh Valley Railroad's Easton & Northern Branch crosses over the CNJ main line on through truss bridge 73/39. This industrial branch line extended from South Easton to Belfast Junction, PA. Both the bridge and the branch are now abandoned.


(Photo from the Library Of Congress Collection)


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