Jenny Raphael Therapies

Holistic Therapies for Health & Wellbeing

Therapeutic Massage

Each Therapeutic Massage treatment is tailored to the individual clients needs. At the start of the first session a consultation is carried out to ensure the correct treatment is carried out and to find out the clients requirements.

A relaxing massage performed by a skilled massage therapist can ease tension and anxiety and bring about a feeling of deep relaxation, loosen tight muscles, ease muscular aches and pains and improve the mobility of joints. It can also help eliminate toxins and improve circulation and lymph flow.

We offer three different treatment lengths. A fully body massage, which usually lasts and hour and works on the back, neck and shoulders, front and back of the legs and arms; although a face and scalp massage and foot massage can also be included. A 3/4 hour massage and a 1/2 hour back, neck and shoulder massage.

Some of the conditions that can also benefit from this treatment include insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, neck/ back/ shoulder stiffness or pain, strains, sciatica, aching hips, foot ache & arthritis to name but a few.