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Holistic Therapies for Health & Wellbeing


Reflexology is thought to have developed 5000 years ago in China, where pressure therapies were used to correct energy imbalances in the body. In the 1930’s Reflexology was introduced to the west by an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, Dr William Fitzgerald. It is thought that following illness, stress, injury or disease, the body may be in a state of ‘imbalance’. Reflexology involves small massage movements to the reflex points on your feet or hands. These reflex areas correspond to all parts of your body. Reflexology is a holistic therapy and works to bring about balance and general improvements in the health of the whole person rather than just treating the symptoms alone.

Reflexology is usually carried out on the feet but, depending on what we find during the first treatment & what the aims of the treatment are, we could also work on the reflex points found on the hands & ears as it has been found that you can at times get a greater response when the three are work together.

Some conditions that can benefit from this treatment include menstrual/ menopausal problems, PMT, back problems, insomnia, stress & stress related conditions, asthma, high blood pressure, IBS & arthritis to name a few.

We also offer Gentle Touch Reflexology for babies & children.

A Reflexology session lasts approx 50-60 minu
tes your initial session will include an in depth consultation.