Hodgkins Lymphoma Awareness

My Journey Battling Cancer & Graft vs. Host Disease
Fighting for my life each day against the odds



My goal is to reach as many people as I can and inform them primarily about Hodgkins Disease and Graft versus Host Disease, especially in young adults being aware that they are not invisible to getting a life threatening illness.  I have taken this diagnosis and made it my mission.  I love the benefit of helping others.  It makes me keep on going each day.  To get messages from complete strangers that tell me that their lives are forever changed because of me, is beyond describable.  I am their hero. Their inspiration. I have changed their view on life.  Me? Jennifer Willey?  Amazing.  Simply amazing.  This is what I want.  Even though my health continues to decline, I am going to try to type my blogs and stay in contact with those that reach out to me.  So when you don't see a recent update it's because I am totally exhausted.  My sister has told me that she will blog for me any time I need her to.  I'm hoping this site continues on.  Just reaching out and sharing with others has changed my life and by what you all have shared with me, it has changed yours.  Let's stay connected and help each other. God Bless.


The "C" Word: Some memories of my journey