English 12

bell work

College, Career, and Happy Life Ready

Being "college, career, and happy life ready" ultimately means that you are prepared for the next steps after you graduate, that all doors remain open to you as you continue to pursue your education and/or careers. It also means that you have the skills needed to create a happy life.

College/career ready presentation
Denzel's motivational Speech

Five Year Plan

Bell Work: Respond to 3 quotes from Michael Jordan's goal page

What if Jenny Price had a five year plan
quick 5 year plan
blue print
goal setting

Thursday and Friday Feb 7 and 8

Naviance Part 1
Do what you are reflection

Monday, February 11

Before and After presentation
Before and After handouts
Watch this

Wednesday, February 13

strengths explorer and learning styles

Naviance Part 1
Strengths and Learning Style Reflection

Thursday, February 14

Semester 2 Discussion 1

Tuesday, February 19

Will Smith on success
Will Smith on success handout

Did you turn in Do what you are, My strengths, and Learning Styles?

Wednesday, February 20

Resume and Interviewing with Ms. Lily

Thursday, February 21

Discussion on Stress

Friday, February 22

This teen's take on stress
stress management plan
Holocaust Packet 1
bystanders and upstanders
In My Hands Part One
In My Hands Part Two
In My Hands Part Three
In My Hands Part Four
In My Hands Part Five
In My Hands Part Six
In My Hands Part Seven
In My Hands Part Eight
In My Hands Part Nine
In My Hands Part Ten
In My Hands Part Eleven
In My Hands Part Twelve
In My Hands Part Thirteen
In My Hands Part Fourteen
In My Hands Part Fourteen part 2
Amber and Postscript


In My Hands Test 1
In My Hands Test 2
In My Hands Test 3
In My Hands Final Test


Hands Web 1
Hands Circle 1
Hands Circle 1


In My Hands Essay