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Jeff Brothers is the Vice President and co-owner of Music Mill Entertainment , an independent record company and Key-Brothers Music, a music publishing firm, both in Nashville, Tennessee. 

In addition to his Music Mill and Key-Brothers duties, Jeff brokered an agreement with CCM Magazine, through which he has chronicled every song that charted on every CCM chart from 1978 - 2001.  Using this database he has written two books entitled Hot Hits and is soon to begin work on a third volume.

Born in Murphysboro, Illinois, he lived there until September 1986, with a brief stay in Mineral Wells, Texas (near Dallas) when he was very young.  While living in Murphysboro, he graduated from Murphysboro High School, attended Southern Illinois University in neighboring Carbondale and graduated John A. Logan Jr. College in Carterville.

To continue his education in the music industry, he moved to Nashville to attend Belmont College.  Jeff graduated from Belmont with a double Bachelor's Degree in Music Business and Marketing in 1988. 

Soon after graduating he began working at Step One Records where he was employed through 1998 as its Vice President of Sales & Marketing.  In 1999 he joined with partners Harold Shedd and Jack Key at Tyneville Music, which, renamed became Music Mill Entertainment.

Since 1980, Jeff has played bass and sung in bands in Southern Illinois and Nashville.  He also writes music and owns Chocolate Donut Music, a boutique music publisher that has several songs in its catalog.

For more about Jeffrey Lee Brothers, go to  Try clicking "King of Glory" to hear a free edited copy of my rockin' praise tune.  If that doesn't work or if you want to hear the full 9 minute version, just ask.  I'll get it to you somehow.

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