I have listened to the debates, pontificating, accusations and opinions regarding the incident with US Marines at Haditha, Iraq where Iraqi civilians died for the last weeks. At home, from local radio, from national radio, from the news, from politicians, from co-workers and from family. I decided today to weigh in with my own thoughts:
  1. The investigation is not complete. These soldiers are at war, they must be granted the same presumption of innocence that any of us should be afforded. Any thought of prosecuting, lambasting, talking down to them, or making serious allegations and presumptions regarding them should wait until:

    1. the investigation is complete and the facts presented, and,
    2. until the soldiers themselves, through their legal recourse, have had a chance to respond to that investigation with their own side of the story.

    At that point, when we have both sides, and a good investigation to base it on, serious opinions on the matter can be developed. What Murtha and other political whoremongers, or those afraid of potential political fall-out are doing, along with a literally blood thirsty liberal press...is just despicable and opportunistic at the best...and an abject betrayal of those who are defending their very freedom at worst.

  2. We are at war, and we need to wage it accordingly. There are areas, towns and cities within Iraq, that have to this date still not been truly pacified. Where the citizens are willing abettors and allies with the enemy terrorists who are killing our soldiers. It is the vast minority of the whole of Iraq as evidenced by the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who are signing up in their military and police to fight these same enemies, and the thousands of them who are being killed in that fight. Not to mention the millions, upon millions who voted.

    But back to those areas we have not fully pacified.

    We need to.

    We need to identify two or three of the worst places and make examples of them...giving the citizens 72 hours to get out, and then leveling the place and everything in it. Until we pacify the enemy enclaves, these types of things will continue to happen...and we as a people need the will, and we need leaders with the will to do it...all the hand wringing and liberal moaning be damned. Otherwise, we shouldn't ask our boys to enter those places unless we have the will to humble not only the terrorist fighters, but those who support them in those same areas.

  3. We are winning in Iraq. The people have voted in the face of abject terrorist threats. A new government has been formed. The people themselves, despite the threat of terrorist violence, are signing up, fighting, and dieing to defend their new-found freedoms. And they keep doing so. The terrorists more and more are having to target the Iraqis themselves, far more than our forces, in an effort to stay alive...because the Iraqis are hunting them down and either killing or capturing them. The press and those same political whoremongers will not make this observation...but it is the fact nonetheless, testified by events. We must stay the course and finish the job in Iraq...but in order to do so completey we need not only to keep helping them rebuild and defend, we need to compelte number two above.
These are my thoughts on the matter and what I am sharing with everyone I know, and anyone else who cares to listen.


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