Now that Mitt Romney has become the GOP Presidential nominee, after a lot of thought and prayer, I will vote for and support him for the President of the United States in 2012. Here's why.

First, we must elect a strong majority in the House and a majority in the Senate no matter who is elected President if we have any hope of slowing down or turning away from this horrible slide away from our Constitutional Republic and its fundamental republican principles and moral values.

If we do...and we must, and I believe we can...I do not believe Romney will be nearly the disaster that quite a few conservatives fear.

Whatever else he is, Mitt Romney is also a politician and he has made very forthright and clearly defined and stated commitments. This office will be the pinnacle of his political career and he will want all eight years of it. To turn on these promises, to go back on the very things that would get him elected would be political suicide and I do not believe he will do it. The legislature I mentioned above will give him the proper acts and legisaltion to sign and he will sign them to show that his campaign was justified, and the Congress will hold his feet to that fire in any case.

As such there is a very good chance in those circumstances that we will halt the slide and turn things around...our economy, the debt, health care, our foreign policy, facing up to China, the borders, supreme court justices, and with the right justices...abortion, etc., etc. all the things that Romney has committed to.

Mitt Romney, despite statements by detractors to the contrary, is not Pro-abortion or Pro-homsexuality. He is not for "liberal" activist Justices. I know people who know the Romney's personally and he is pro-family, pro-traditional family, and pro-life. He made very carefully worded statements when he ran for Governor in Mass. indicating that he would support the existing law of the land as it stood in Mass at the time. I would not have played such games with such fundamental principles, but he did and he was elected, and he governed accordingly, and it has resulted in this very understandable problem he has with conservatives to this very day.

Having said that, we know we will get absolutely NONE OF THE POTENTIAL GOOD from the marxist ideolog, Obama. To the contrary, he will double down on every bit of his clearly leftist/marxists plans and continue to bankrupt and ruin this Republic and its moral values so he can institute the command economy in place of the free market as he has planned all along. This is because he fundamentally dislikes and believes the founding of this nation and the values, free market, and constitution it was based upon was a mistake. He has said as much, and wants to reduce our influence and power in the world.

On the other hand, despite his flaws and former positions, Mitt Romney regularly expresses his love for, and patriotsim regarding this country as founded by our forefathers.

Most people forget, or do not consider, that Romney was elected governor in an overwhelmingly liberal state. RomneyCare is really MassCare because it was what the people of that state wanted. It is quite possible, IMHO, that without Romney, that health care plan would have even been worse...even though it is not acceptable as it is, IMHO. I believe a government mandate for something like insurance is simply unconstitutional at any level.

Romney said the things he did and took the positions he did to get elected. Otherwise he would not have been elected. To help understand him, look at the vetoes he made while Governor, particularly those that were immediately over-ridden by the large majority democratic legislature.

As far as Mass. Supreme Court Justices, again, in Mass the executive has less control of the process than the President of the United States has at the Federal level. Anything hinting at conservative was simply rejected by that liberal legislature so he had to appoint the best he could in that environment. Is that good? No. But it is a pragmatic and realistic look at the situation he faced? Yes.

If we deliver a majority Senate, I expect we will see a completely different outcome and will get consevative, original constitutionalist justices. Again, we know there is NO CHANCE of that happening with Obama. He believes the Constitution is living and should be interpreted according to the nuances and moreys of the day, not according to what the founders intended, or according to fundamental republican and moral principle upon which the Constitution was founded and based. So, Obama will continue to pick Justices according to his progressive view of the world.

So, though it is clear Romney took liberal positions to get elected governor in Mass, and then to govern there, he did change and turn around on most of those issues now that he is running for the GOP nomination. As he would have to do. He is saying and supporting most of the right things now, and apparently he will very likely win the nomination. I do not like it, I would prefer someone with a better long-term conservative record...but there it is.

I will not do anything to help Obama in any way win this election. I will exert all of my energies to his defeat at the ballot box...and I believe we can defeat him. I am constrained to do this for my kids and grandkids sake so they can have a chance at a bright American future. They may not have that chance with Obama in office for another four years. Plain and simple.

So I will support Romney if he is the nominee and I will do so like the survival of the Republic depends on it...because I believe in many ways it does...even though Romney is not close to my ideal candidate, coming in fifth for me in the GOP Primaries behind Palin, Cain, Santorum and Newt.

Each person has to decide for themselves, and it is a very personal and gut wrenching decision given the circumstances. I urge everyone to consider it very carefully...and prayerfully. The stakes are unbelievably high, even higher than in the pivotal election between Carter and Reagan back in 1980.

That is why I thought it important to explain my own decision in this regard and the reasons for it.


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