ReNewed Jedi Sith United Alliance

True power comes from within.

In the Beginning...

It all started with two clans. The first clan was JA. It was made by to poeple know as Milkman and Quigon. This clan was relativly new to it's great ally. Which brings us to the next clan. DJL was a clan formed a while before JA. When JA was made Quigon asked for an alliance between JA an DJL. It was accepeted. After that Quigon and MilkMan formed friendships with the leaders of DJL ( Jeng, Viper, Quel Droma, Exar Kun{not the exar in our clan but a tratior of a leader}) and became the greatest alllies of all time. Since DJL was in conflict with another clan called DJF, JA helped in as many ways as possible. After several battles with DJF they soon died. DJL was then the most powerful clan on the game. JA was quickly becoming known also.

After DJF died...

When JA and DJL detroyed DJF it was calm for a while. DJL and JA just kept getting bigger. Then gradually a clan was made called DJO. It was no threat until we found out who they really where. DJO was leftovers from the former clan DJF. It was being led by 2 poeple called Leeros and Maul. When this was found out they were immediatly an enemy. When this happened a man named Sith took over DJO. His plan was to make an empire and take over the game. So he made the 12 empires. It consisted of 12 clans that feared Sith and being the pussys they were joined him so their clan was not destroyed. One of the main targets of their empires was JA and DJL.

Collapse of DJL Birth of NJL

After DJL became the strongest clan there were about 80+ members. This was great but alot of people just wanted power. Then Ulic Qel Droma(aka Siphon) ,the main leader at the time started to play EAW and the control of the site was left to Jeng which was to overwhelming(it took him a long time to answer every1's questions in the clan. When this happened Jeng Droga took over as the main leader. But before this happened a power struggle between there clan formed. People were fighting for power in the clan of DJL. People wanted this, wanted to be leader, wanted to have more power. DJL started to fall apart from a power strugle. When this happened, Jeng, Viper, Malak and several other former DJL members left to make a new clan called NJL. This clan was made to fix the problems that were found when DJL was made. Of coarse JA was still their best ally. NJL assisted in over 15 wars and never lost.


Along came Lord.Wolf

At the time DJO and their empires was not that big of a threat. Though we knew they would be later. But a new person came to Quigon with a bet. He was Lord.Wolf. Lord Wolf came with a bet that stated we have a war. Your whole clan VS just me. If i win your clan disbands. We accepted. But soon after we cancelled it because of other problems. Soon after this Lord. Wolf began to hang out with members of NJL and JA. Surprisingly we became friends. Then Lord. Wolf came to Quigon for help. Wolf needed a place to stay low since he was a clan killer. Quigon accepted and allowed him to join JA.  Wolf NJL andJa were the most unbeatable trio in all of history. Together we beat 15+ clans and were feared by everyclan to the piont that no one would even dare challenge us nor accept a challenge. This though did not last long cause of a fight between SHRP one of our JA members and Wolf. It was a constant fight in which led to both members leaving. This grudge still remains to this day.

Then there was ROL...

ROL was of our biggest enemies. The conflict has been on going with several battles. JA and NJL made a war with ROL. There was also a bet for the up cominbg war. IF JA won ROL disbands, if ROL won JA disbands. Of coarse our ally NJL helped. Other allies that helped were CA, WRL, and several others. JA defeated ROL. Tough being the jackasses they are ROL did not keep their word and did not disband. So we had several more battles. JA and NJL won repeatedly with the same bet. ROL has yet to beat us. If they think they did the war they think they won was not approved by Quigon nor Milkman. After several battles between NJL, JA against ROL the wars stopped but the enemy stage still continued.

DJO and the 1st Empires

Soon after conflict with ROL rresolved DJO was now a threat. DJO was making an empire. They were getting as many clans to join them trying to conqure all. No clan dared to face them becuase they were not skilled clans. But 2 clans did. They were NJL and JA. They together made allies and fought the empires which led to the down fall of the empires. There were several small battles that had occured. Sveral wins and losses on both sides had occured. But there was one main war. The main clans part of this was NJL, JA and the new clan quicly becoming powerful PWC.There were to be 3 battles. 1mos eisley assualt and 2 Conquest battles. On the assualt battle DJO won by a hair. But the next battle was on mustafar. When this battle took place NJL, JA, PWC and allies slottered the forces of DJO and there allies. Soon after this battle DJO slowly died and was extinct for some time.

Conflict with an ally, PWC

PWC also ahd its own problems. Poeple left and made a clan called JEDI. The 2 clans battled. Since PWC was the first NJL and JA sisded with them to fight JEDI. After several battles the wars stopped, no clans were destroyed and the 2 clans went on.

JA trouble...

Soon trouble came to JA. After We destroyed DJo and its empires Sith was thought to have changed. Also Lord.Wolf came back to JA. When this happened we also let Sith join JA. Soon after Lord Wolf once again left. But SIth STayed in the clan. Rhen tragedy struck. We dont no exactly what happened since Quigon was told several stories. Quigon kicked out a memebr of JA because of him being in so many clans. This person was know as Comander. When he was kicked he left and made a clan. He was out to destroy Quigon. He supposibly went to Sith our JA member for help. But Sith says it was JA memebrs that asked Sith for help to destroy JA. This was thought to be SHRP. When SHRP was asked of this he said it was another members idea, PAVER. When PAVER was questioned he said it was SHRP. So we dont really no what happened. Sith just said that JA was to die from the inside out. Quigon and Milk refused to let this happen. After much questioning and debating and such the conflict was resolved. Shrp left the clan to get back at Quigon for letting Wolf join JA agian. Commander was supposibly ok. And sith left to make his own clan.

JSUA is formed

Just about 6 weeks after NJL was made Quigon came up with the greatest idea. A merge between 2 great allies, NJL and JA. Several leaders thought of it as a good idea. The great wars together, the aiding, the good friendships between the 2 clans. It was the greatest thing to happen to the clans. After much planning it was decided to make JSUA, Jedi and Sith United Alliance. New rules were made, new ranks, new leaders from the 2 clans. New recruiting ideas. This was the start of the best clan ever made on Battle Front.

JSUA at a High...

JSUA was gaining power, members and everything possible. The clan was constantly training its memebrs. No clan has ever had so many acitve members. All of the people that were recruited were about active. There were JSUA servers up all the time. And in this was training. All memebrs were trained by leaders. Leaders tought their techniques of Jedi battles. JSUA was becoming the most powerful clan and the most skilled clan. The most jedi skilled leaders are Quigon, Milkman, Lordvader, Jend Droga, Viper, and paver. Also there were several memebrs as good as some of the leaders but could not get the rank of leader. Not being able to get a leader spot was made because after much taliin JA and BOS noticed the rank of LEader being able to be reached cause problems. But Sith was at it again.

Sith and his 2nd empires

After Sith left JA he made his own clan. Then soon after he took control of DJO again. Of coarse he started making his empires again. In response an old ally, PWC started making a rebel alliance. Of coarse JSUA joined. PWC resolved their conflict with JEDI ande JEDI joined the rebel alliance also. Soon several clans had joined the rebel alliance. But it was not actually needed. The empires never developed and there were not many battles. the Sith left DJO. Sith was once again let into JSUA and he still continues to be in our clan to this day. Although DJO was still an enemy.

Trajedy Strikes JSUA, but fails to destroy us.

Soon after the empires died school was coming. Also Quigons sister took his good computer to collage and he could no longer play. Then within the next week school started for most of the members. We were no longer that much of an active clan becuase of this. Then i have heard there was war between DJO an JSUA and JSUA had won. DJO was almost dead but hung on by a string and is still alive. Soon after several members started leaveing JSUA ,because some leaders weren't on and Jeng's Computer brocke down. This left Malak alone without a site and he tried to gather the final men of JSUA. Malak soon learned of the new site but with out the password it was still hard. Then the final members of JSUA had a meeting. JSUA was almost dead but then came hope. The members ther agreed to help rebuild JSUA. Then suddenly all of a sudden here comes Jeng outa no were. He gave Malak the site and they all started to rebuild JSUA. We were struggling to stay alive but its hard cause of school is getting in the way. But  NOW HENSE FORTH THE 3rd OF OCTOBER JSUA IS GAINING ITS POWER BACK TO ITS RIGHTFUL POSITION.

The Return of Quigon

The origanal leaders are now reunited as Quigon has come back. As you may have heard or read he lost his computer to his sister when she left for college but hes back. JSUA has hit hard times with out him and Malak has held this clan to gether through our depression. Now is the time for celebration and hope. WithQuigon by our side we can all follow help and fight right along side him in our quest to be the BEST clan ever.






Cleaning House

Quigon soon after he returned helped Malak "clean house."Together they deleted the unactive members and allies and enemies. Now we can truelly return to our rightful spot as the super power that is known as the Jedi Sith United Alliance. We must now recruit rcruit recruit and get some new blood in thi clan. We need good active members who are willing to train everyday they can. Togetr we can bring this clan back to glory.




JSUA ReNewed?

Possibly planning on renewing JSUA just if you were a leader before wont me you'll be one now, b/c  thats what led to our last fall, poor attendance by leaders made members think they could do the same... well you know how it is... If you are up for the challenge of remaking JSUA or one of its sub clans  then contact Jeng and make sure you're not in poor attendance. have a Great day Long Live the Renewal.

Rap up

The history of JSUA goes far back into JA and DJL. This is just skimming the top of our history. If we were to write all history it would take several hours and most of our old clan members. Just remember if you are in JSUA you are part of the best clan ever made by to of the strongest clans ever in the history of Battle Front 2. You should be proud to be part of this clan for its conflicts. And other members please correct me if something is wrong or is out of order when it had happened. There was alot of history to remember and when exactly it happened. Other that were part of history write wat i said under neath my signature with ur name.

(Hi, Im Quigon Jinn and i approve this history)

(Hi, I'M DarthMalak913 and I approve this history account.)

(Editing done by Jeng Droga{man i love this clan :0)}.)