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Holy Shit Batman!

Holy Shit Batman!  It has been ages since I updated this website.  It is now May of 2016!  My son is 14 and I am 42 (Holy Shit)  So much has changed since 2005 when I was customizing figures.  I taught science and stem for 10 years and have my principals license.  But, a student beat the brain out of me as I was trying to save his life from another student.  Shitty for sure.  I am now retired with enough brain damage that I could not tell you what day it is.  

To help heal my brain (been 2 1/2 years since attack), I have turned back to my art.  I discovered photography, reimagined sculpture, and painting.  

Star Wars......  After the attack I was kinda indifferent to all my prior loves.  It took me seeing Star Wars The Force Awakens 3 times before the normal goosebumps and tears returned.  I am now fully back with my former love Star Wars.  The only difference is that I do not read well anymore so I have not read a Star Wars book or comic in since before my brain injury.

I moved into the mountains of Colorado to escape people and violence.  Didn't really work as one of our officers was shot and killed by a dumbass who didn't want to pay his mortgage.  But, I do have to say that I feel more safe up here than I did in Aurora, CO where I lived for 9 years.

Most of the pictures on this site are old, from 2004-2007.  But, I will be updating this site now with new art and perhaps a blog for people living with brain injuries.

Customizing is a fantastic way to expand your love for the Star Wars universe.  I have been customizing for a couple years and enjoy every minute.  I hope all who visits my site enjoys my customs and gets ideas for creating their own.

Keep a look out of new updates.  I am currently working on a couple hundred cards based on the cover art from the Dark Horse Comics.

Amie Despain

These pictures were taken in 2004.  Being a Star Wars Fanatic, of course we were Jedi for Halloween


Approx 97% of the custom cards on this site were designed by me.  The other 3% were templates taken from either websites or cardback CD's

Approx 99% of the customs on this site were made by me.  The remaining 1% were purchases I made via Ebay from other customizers



I was commissioned by Toyfare in late 2004 to make some customs for a spring issue.  Check out my Toyfare page to see what I made for them

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