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I hope everyone will find something of interest here. I want to promote my lastest works and have fun doing it also. Anyone with any ideas to submit please do. I have gladly included links to support fellow authors, as well as  links to sites  you may find useful. The fun links will change too, so if you find one you like add it to your favorites. Please take time to relax and slip into the world of imagination 



     Zamora is dedicated entirely to my son, I hope as he reads it, he will know just how much I  love and miss him. The time we spend apart grows shorter with each passing day. This book is for you my friend, read it and think of me.





The time has come for mankind to face its greatest battle yet, between the forces of good and evil. A time when, the evil ruler of the underworld, has one last chance to dominate mankind and rule the world forever.  One man, a mere mortal has been chosen by destiny to save all that is good if he is able. Journey back as he encounters for the first time the land of magic. Accompanied by an old wizard sent to guide him, he becomes one with them, never sure of what will be next. Not even within him self, does he believe he can succeed, as he faces all the cunning the demon possesses.



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