J. B. Waskul

Creative Works & Concepts

Illustrations & Cartoons

As early as elementary school I was always told I was the best "artist" in the class. When I look back on some of the few surviving works I have from this period, they seem unremarkable to me now. But it was nice to be considered as something while growing up. By the time I got to high school I was the staff cartoonist for the school newspaper and had taken first place in a state-wide competition for best cartoon.

Water Colors

I have always enjoyed the effects that can be achived through watercolors and dyes. The medium is very unforgiving but can provide vivid colors, exotic blending techniques and a wide variety of visual textures. 


Acrylic Paintings

Acrylics have been a mainstay in my portfolio; they bond to most surfaces, blend easily, and the color can hold up to direct sunlight for years. Even though acrylics are hard on brushes, nothing beats the ease of cleanup with water.


Figure Drawing

I have always enjoyed figure drawing and what is shown here is the smallest sample of the hundreds of nude studies I have done over the years.



The vibrant pastels you see above are examples of experimental spectral analysis as it defines the varients of light and shadow on the human form.


The portraiture of a live model is always a challenge and requires the utmost focus to create the true likeness of the subject. It is an interesting conceptual reversal of peception from sculpture where instead of taking a two-dimentional object and interpeting in three-dimensions; the artist must strip away the third dimension to capture reality.








Self Portrait 1986

My 80s Sketchbook

My love of comic books, Sci-fi and fantasy were highly influencial when it came to subject matter for sketches. I had dreamed of being an illustrator when I graduated from high school but fate took me down many other paths. These are just a few of the many sketches I made between classes during my early college days. (Click on the pictures for larger images.)






Much to the annoyance of my teachers from Elementary School up into Junior High School, I was an excessive doodler. The result of so much distraction led to very negative results on my grade point average. I'm not particularly proud of these 'cartoons' and in spite of the sheer volume and constant doodling I did, not many of my sketches from my early school years survived, but here's a few...  (Click on the image to enlarge.)


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