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    Welcome To my site.    

 I've been writing poetry for years now, longer than I choose to remember. That's easy to say since I am older than dirt. Jazzman is my pen name and also my choice of music, smooth jazz and a bit of fusion. I am broad in subject when it comes to poetry, but honestly most poems here are metered. I just happen to favor meter and flow , much like the songwriter. My subject matter is diverse ranging from children's poems to love poems, with humor in between. I hope you enjoy the site and find at least one poem ring true to your heart, help put things into perspective, or bring a smile to your face. Feel free to visit often, tell friends, or leave a comment in my guestbook. Site is best viewed at resolution of 1280x1024. On all pages of the navigational bar except the guestbook there are appropriate music files. I realize some people like them and others do not. Therefore at the bottom of each of  those pages you can shut them off if you desire.  So like Burger King "Have it your way" , Enjoy!             https://webzoom.freewebs.com/jazzmansplace/Carol King - Jazzman.mp3  Jazzman....Carole King




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