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Roots Rockers Promotions Ltd.(London)

& Jah Macetas Producciones (Valencia, Spain)




Jazzin Reggae” concerts “


Roots Rockers Promotions and Jah Macetas Producciones, are very excited and proud to present to you our unique musical  concept  in our concerts “Jazzin Reggae”.

Our popular and talented musicians are internationally renouned and are the creators of this original concept of root fusion and artfull integration of the soul of Jazz and Reggae.

“Jazzin Reggae” concerts have been playing succesfully in Spain, and now are expanding internationally to share this magical experience with all music lovers. The design of the performance invites one to enjoy various musical sensations around Jazz and Reggae, travelling from Ska and Rocksteady, to the new Jazzin Reggae.

 We proudly present here full details of  how our unique concept was created supported by Dvds of our live concerts and documentaries.


Jazzin Reggae concerts are available for bookings in 2007. 



Sergio Monleón (Jah Macetas Producciones)


tel.00-34-962740320.-Valencia, Spain.-Mobil,.626125988.-


Patrizia DaRosa.- 44 208 200 3897 rootsrock1@aol.com

Our Concert titles are:


      I. Jazzin Reggae All Stars

     II. Dave Barker & Alberto Tarín Jazzin Reggae

    III. Alberto Tarín Jazzin Reggae


  Music lives within Music.


“Jazzin Reggae” is a musical working platform developed in 2001 by Spanish guitar player Alberto Tarín(*), together with skillfull experienced Spanish musicians : Rafa Villalba, Lucho Aguilar, Sergio Monleón, Javier Mustieles, Kiko Berenguer, Joan Bonet, Paco Bernal, Daniel Rayos, Sergio León, Perico Sambeat, David Pastor, Santi Navalón, ...and Jamaican artists from the early sixties, seventies and eigthies, embracing the essence of musical expressions with the firm roots of Jazz, Reggae, Soul, Blues,...



“Jazzin Reggae” allows flexibility of performances from a Jazz Trio to a 15 musician orchestra, going through from Jazz to Dub, showing a unique fusion between musical expressions.


The combination of the musical universe of  composers such as Mancini, Porter, Gershwin...,with the dance of the Reggae beat

opens new horizons for the listener and for the musicians involved in the performance.


Professionalism, human relationships and the love of Music are the main drive and motive for the creation of this concept and the union of these great artists around the origins of Jamaican Music; Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae, with a lively influence, from the Blues, Soul, Funk, Jazz, and the Latin flavour of Spanish musicians lead by guitar player Alberto Tarín(*)



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