"Here is a test to make sure your life is complete, if your not in Renegade it isn't" - Jake Granitewave
"Individually, we are one drop. In Renegade, we are an ocean"- Smartblonde
"When I think of Renegade, only one word comes to mind: Awesome."- Falcon




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  • My brothers in arms

    3 of my friends thats joined in the miltary died about 1 year ago.I was too young to join at that time but i feel that if i went into service with them,i would have shared the s...
  • 2011.. Worst year yet.

    Hi you guys, On New Year's Eve, I had something horrible happen to me. Someone so close, that they were like me. My friend Cindy died of food poisoning. Her son made her a meatb...

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