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Prince The Rockstar
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Hey Renegade! If you haven't been on, there's a new update in FR now! It's called The Hero's Quest! In this update,  Darkthorne (Briarheart queen) has to find against the Gloam Overload and you have to go through a series of places to fix up Free Realms from Gloam! This task is for Heros Only! If you're up for it, come online and fight to save FR from Gloam! Also, if you need any help, just ask me and I'll give you any tips.

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Also, there is the St. Patrick's Day Event! Whoot! and dont forget that they also upgraded the game a bit like the:

 Welcome screen

Game Dock

Chat Settings (a bit)


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Ever Luce
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I actually posted the pictures for the new update in the Pictures! My picture right now is a screenshot of the loading page of Gloam Overlord and Darkthorne.


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LOL... No one has ANY idea how extremly huge my eyes got when i saw that... I feel like a kid on christmas day! Woot!




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