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Axel Smith
Posts: 55

Now im not offering to lead this, because im usually busy.

Im thinking we should Dress in rengade colors (And for Member should change their hair to Mowhawks, and girl members change their hair to the curly hair)

Then In colors and wacky hair we could walk around a selected place (Maybe Briarwood) populating rengade. Huh Huh Like my Idea, heres an example for boys. 

(Dont kill me if the colors are wrong i think they're black and red but not sure)

The example is at this link:


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Posts: 402

That's pretty cool.


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Posts: 1237

This is a cool idea that goes even further then just wearing specific colors and clothes!

Lets do this soon! Thanks for the idea Axel and I hope I can plan it for this January.


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Kelly Wonderland
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sounds good to me! :D if i feel like it i might just wear a mowhawk irl for the walk... ;) 

not that anyone would ssee it... -throws idead into trash-

-eats taco- :) I'm in


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Prince The Rockstar
Posts: 1673

Sounds good! I might look good in a mohawk. ;)

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Axel Smith
Posts: 55

Im glad Ya'l like It!


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