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Melissa Gonzales
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Well guys, it's been a while. Life has been changing around for the best. I'll be graduating within a few months, going up to North Carolina to study in phlebotomy, then when I'm 18 I'll be back down here in Florida & I'll be signed into the army to be a petroleum supply specialist, and then I'll be attending FSU either to continue on with phlebotomy or go into the pediatric program that they have. I just got out of teen court once again & I'm working 2 part time jobs while still being in school. 

 Anywho, that's enough about me. How has everyone been? I miss you all so much! It's been crazy, I've grown up with you guys & thats a crazy thought. Tell me all the exciting news, I'll be back on soon. Love you all & stay safe :)



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