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Hello everyone that still even wonders onto this site. I don't know why I'm still up but I did want to tell all of you that we have offically made our place in Archeage. We have also moved our affairs to another site. This site will remain open as long as possible, but there will not be any more new posts or at least frequent ones containing the wellbeing of Renegade. As i continue to write this all the memories of realms are flooding back to me and the good times we had as a guild. I wish I was there to enjoy more of it. We will still use the xat chat regularly if you ever want to get in contact. I will also continue to check my inbox for a while so if you ever need anything or just want to keep in contact let me know. I'm not sure how many people will even read this but I feel its about time to move on for me at least. Realms will never be forgotten and neither will this guild. Renegade lives on with new dedicated members. There will always be room for anyone of you here. No matter how distant you are every member of this site is my family and changed my life if more ways that you know. Please never forget that. I wish we could have all been hanging out at seaside along the far coast right now but unfortunatly that cannot be so. I'd also like to take the time and thank the leaders of renegade that kept this going for four or so years. I'd like to thank every member for showing support in Renegade no matter how small. Thank you to all the site contributers and active players. Thank you to all of you who wanted to be with us but couldn't for whatever reason. You all mean so much to me. For the members that stuck with us into Archeage I express great gradatude to you for doing so. It has been a rough adjustment and is still being smoothed out but together we are strong. Lolly, Raven, Jake and who ever else led the way through the hard times I'd like to thank you for doing so. For stepping up and taking charge when no one else would. Also for begining and ending realms with your family. Adam I'd like to thank you also for keeping the dream alive when no one else thought you could do it. There is no place like Renegade and never will be. May you all have happy and successful lives!! Do great things in this world for you all are great people. Excell in everything it is that you do. Try your best and give it your all in every task no matter how small. Don't give up on yourself for I have not given up on you! We must not give up on eachother; that is how we remain strong. Lastly, there is only one thing left to say, Renegade Forever.


Our new site is

I do advise you that this site is strictly for our Archeage members so please do not make an account unless you are concidering playing Archeage.


Our new site is


I love you all. Take care Renegade!! Truely yours, forever. My last words to you.



-Your Friendly Neighborhood Shadow :)


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