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Hello guys Escuro here ^_^

I just wanted to let everyone know how we are getting along in Archeage. So far its going great, we have established Renegade as The Renegade Republic. We curently have 12 members and are looking to recruit more. Our main purpose as in what type of guild we will be has yet to be determined. We have a diverse array of Tradesmen and Combat effecient members. It might just be split between the two. Anyone is welcome. There are new rules since this is a completely diffrent game than Realms. All that will be talked about on another date. I am pleased with the turnout of former Realms players and guild members that have found their way to Renegade Republic.

If anyone else who hasnt already is going to make a character do not forget: server Ollo and youe character has to be either a Nuian or Elf. Take care guys!! 



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I am locking this thread since Renegade Republic is no more. Others, however, are still welcome to play Archeage.


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