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Ellos, everyone! Shivil here just wanting to point out that many of us might just own a Nintendo console. Now, Nintendo has made it clear they want it kid friendly, many titles like Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Mario Kart and even RPG like games like Luigi's Haunted Mansion are playable online via StreetPass, FriendCode connections or "Friend Session". Out of all these features, let me explain the most important one for online gameplay: Friend Codes. They've made it by MiiVerse (Social App on Wii-U, Wii and 3DS console.) that they DON'T want strangers exchanging Friend Codes. (Which is.. rather silly because any player you meet online you can add via friend code and on MiiVerse, it's communities for the game title..) .. So, to exchange Friend Codes it requires that both people type in their Friend Codes in the Friend List. The Friend List is located in the home screen on 3DS. (Not sure for Wii/Wii-U consoles, but it's possible). You press it and click the Add Friend icon. Now, to figure out YOUR Friend Code, you go to Friend List and go over your Mii character and it'll say on the top screen "Friend Code:" then the code. 

Here's my code:  5129-1671-4802

Feel free to add me on 3DS. I mainly play competetive Pokemon X and Y but I also own Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Mario Kart 7.


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Luke Spikehood
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I will get it tomorrow. :)


Luke Spikehood

I play Pokemon Y, catch me as Chris.

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Adam Vaporstinger
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This is a good idea but we already have a thread for things of this nature where people have already posted their gaming info and other connections. To make it easier, please post in the following thread. I am locking this post and redirecting you to this link:


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