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Adam Vaporstinger
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Hello Renegade,

It has been a while since I last addressed you all. Since Free Realms, we all are now broken apart. We feel that this phase of our lives is now gone and over we need to move on. I agree with that fact. However, I feel that we ALL should move on, together. Now that sounds as if that defeats the purpose, blah blah blah... but bare with me, I might have found a game that we may carry on with. A more "mature" Free Realms ;) I introduce to Renegade, the world of Archeage!

To see what this game has to offer as well as to see a neat introduction to it, please refer to this site:


So, let me start out with saying that as of right now, I am not 100% sure that this game will perfect for Renegade since it has not been released. It is currently in it's Alpha Testing Stage or in other words, beta keys will be released with the next couple of months.

So why Archeage? I managed to get on a podcast tonight that showcased the world's most important cities in the game as well as answer some questions for viewers. The game is operated by Trion, infamous for Rift and Definace.


  • The game is a sandbox game meaning you can roam freely in the world.
  • The content is mostly related to combat, however there is a lot of skilling.
  • There is both PvP and PvE (player versus enviornment) Both will be carried out in repected locations and not overlap.
  • There are 6 class with different races.
  • You pick a primary class, a secondary class, and then a third giving you over 100 class options!
  • The story is somewhat like Elder Scrolls as there are gods and goddesses. Many storyline events are shaped on the decisions YOU make.

Housing or Real Estate

  • You can build your own house with acquired material.
  • Housing is called Real Estate
  • Unlike Free Realms where the houses were instanced, all homes will be PART of the gaming world :D
  • People cannot steal from your house as long as you close the door when you are at home. Even if a strangers enter, they still can't steal.


  • There are guilds.
  • There are "casual" alliances. I do not know whether that means they are part of the game or just a "word" between the guilds.
  • For those interested in PvP, there is something called Sieges, I'm too sure how those operate.
  • In PvP, 


  • You can build and own ships as well as sail them.
  • The sea is as large as the continents, so the sea is rather large.
  • People can shink your ship.
  • Friends/guildmates can man the cannons to shoot enemies.
  • There is a tough kraken you must team up and defeat.
  • On another note, there are epic dragon battles on land for advanced levels.

Pets and Mounts

  • Mounts can battle with you on them. In PvP, enemies must kill the mount before getting to you.
  • Mounts level up.
  • I have seen an elk as a mount and, uhhh... a cow as a mount (my fav)!
  • Pets can be either casual pets or combat pets that assist with battles.
  • I have seen a black cat, a combat fox and wolf.
Other Stuff
  • Crafting and battling (drops) are the 2 ways to get good gear.
  • You can combine the stats of one items with the appearance of another much like in W101 or P101.
  • You all thought that we would never dance together again???? LOL ROFL LOLOLOL!! WRONG Here in Archeage if you get 5 people or more to dance, you get a dance party!!!!!! It comes with a little light show and confetti I think :D
  • In order to become a pirate, you must get kicked out of your fraction. Don't worry though, with a little community service you shall be reinserted into your fraction :) 
  • There is a jailing system where you are placed on trial. There is a jury and you can either breakout by yerself or have your friends help you out (considering they are the ones who put you in there). 
  • While in jail, you can pay soccer! Looks we're going to have visit Lolaya in jail from now on :(
  • Players can create their own graphic tees with a picture YOU take from the game!!! I see Renegade shirts with "Adam is Epic" in the future :P
  • There are many ways to get around but the best by far is the gliding system. You can fly high and wide and you hardly ever fall like in Free Realms. There are even airships but I'm not sure if we own one or even get on one.
  • Wanna know the best part of the game? IT'S FREEEE!!!!!!!!!! You only pay if ya want to ^_^
  • The only downside to Archeage is that it LOOKS like it will have a VERY high computer requirements as the graphics are outstanding. Do note that this is an assumption.
If you want to sign up for the beta use this link:

Well... I will make an official statement when I can actually log in and see the world. But for now, please leave your comments, questions, and criticism below! This is just an idea! 

Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, and that's why it's called the present. 

-Eleanor Roosevelt

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Luke Spikehood
Posts: 4

I will think about it. Ty Adam. ;)


Luke Spikehood

I play Pokemon Y, catch me as Chris.

April 11, 2014 at 8:26 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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I'm sure I'll be joining ya'll. I love me some sandbox games. 


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I'm sure I will try this. Thanks! I will try to become part of Renegade again.

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I will try it out sometime :) Thanks Adam!


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Prince The Rockstar
Posts: 1673

Sounds good. I'll try it out sometime also.

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Adam Vaporstinger
Posts: 212

Here is some more info from a recent podcast. It sounding more and more fun every day :D




Combat Skills - When you first create your character, you must choose one skill. Then at level 5 you pick another and at 10 one more. That means you can have many different skill combinations and tactics! Here is a list of skills you may pick from. 


  1. Battlerage - It is mostly defensive and includes tanking and 2-handed weapons.
  2. Sorcerer - Involves the elements such as ice and fire. It's spells include a damage shield which I think is a shield that is around you that causes damage to ememies in contact with it.
  3. Occultism - Attacks from a range. It has critical hit improves. It involves summoning things such as flocks of birds and at higher levels, wraiths. They attack enemies as well.
  4. Bard - Attacks from a range. Multi-useful.
  5. Witchcraft - Has a lot of crowd control.
  6. Auramancy - Is a good support.
  7. Archery - Does not always mean bows and arrows are used to attack. The farther away you are, the more damage you can do.
  8. Vitalism - Basically the healer of the skills. It can also resurrect fallen allies.


Crafting - If you are not into combat like me, then the crafting will be most fun. Crafting works like this: you can level each one up to Tier 1 however, only one craft can get to Tier 2, one craft can get to Tier 3, one for Tier 4, and one for Tier 5. Don't worry though, you can buy more Tiers in-game. Another thing is that crafts can get a critical meaning their stats can be off the charts! Here is the list!


  1. Weapondry - Weapon creating. Weapons have random stats given to them each time they are made so my bow may be the same as yours but it could have higher damage.
  2. Alchemy - Includes dye and potion making and items needed to resurrect a fallen ship.
  3. Cooking - Obviously food. It also includes creation of fishing bait.
  4. Handicrafts - Creation of jewelry, crafting stations for the houses, and decorations.
  5. Husbandry - The art of yelling at men, er, I mean the art of helping animals O_O.
  6. Farming - Seeds and bundling (I will explain what bundling is later).
  7. Machining - Includes vehicles (cars), ladders to get over walls in castles and cannons to break things down . Also involves creating gliders.
  8. Metalworking - Costume creating, heavy armors, and plates (wearing items over armor so you wear what you want when fighting without dying).
  9. Printing - They said it is "composing", whatever that is.
  10. Macery - Involves stone work and gun powder creation.
  11. Tailoring - Involves cloth armor and t-shirts.
  12. Leatherworking - Basically more specific armor. I'm assuming leather-based.
  13. Carpentry - Involves building items in homes.
  14. Commercer - Not much was said, but I assume trading and moneymaking.


The recipies are already added, so the difficult part is getting the materials.



  • There is a certain button to press in order to attack a player. 
  • If you die, you don't drop any items. Just don't carry tradepacks... what ever those are LOL


Housing and Teleporting 


  • In order to own a home, you must have a Patron Premium Service. These are bought by both real money and in-game currency and they are tradable
  • To teleport, a worldgate is opened. Anyone, friends or not, can enter  the gate by simply hitting the jump button.


IMPORTANT - Guilds There is an issue with the guild system. In order for us to be in the same guild, we all must be in the same faction. I am not sure if races are the same as factions but I do hope the change this soon after the game is released. This is what I heard from the Moderator: "for now, guilds must be fraction-oriented". Once I can log into the game and see the layout will I then confirm any choices. Bare in mine that the beta character will be reset upon release day.



  • Trees can be cut down.
  • There are mining nodes to mine.
  • There is deep sea diving and farming.
  • MUSIC COMPOSITION - Players can create their own music and have others hear it or even share it since it can be converted into TXT format :D
  • Beta characters will be deleted on release day for you to restart fresh.

Glad to hear so many wanting to try Archeage out! I'm hoping this will be a great start for Renegade again :)



Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, and that's why it's called the present. 

-Eleanor Roosevelt

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Posts: 76

Cool to see you all again.


April 22, 2014 at 12:52 AM Flag Quote & Reply

Ever Luce
Posts: 388

I'll have to look into it. o.o Thanks, Adam!

Looked at the website, and it looks like a cross between PWI (Perfect World International), Torchlight, and Elder Scrolls.


May 3, 2014 at 9:46 AM Flag Quote & Reply

Posts: 454

Looks awesome, but my computer sucks :3


The sun may be setting, but this is not the end.

May 4, 2014 at 8:52 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Posts: 66

Thanks for posting this Adam. I'm signed up for Beta:)

If you're on the ArcheAge Source forums, I'm registered as Raventhorne.

This is too funny!..

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Prince Tridon
Posts: 196

When does the game come out??

May 8, 2014 at 8:57 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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Hey all! I just heard the sad news about FR today... :( so sad to see it go, I know I've had lots of cherished memories on it and you all have too. I will play Archeage as I have more time now :) Glad to see the fam is staying together!! My name will be Scratchy of course ;) see you soon :D






May 8, 2014 at 8:35 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Posts: 245

Hi peeps..

This game looks perfect...being a Trion patron meself I will definately sign up for beta..

User name on site Jezziac.

Take care all,


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Adam Vaporstinger
Posts: 212

Glad to see support from other leaders as well as old friends :)

Some more info was released and it has to do with transportation and mounts.

Check this link out :D

Also, I forgot to mention that Trion Worlds aims to launch beta in June! 

I am planning to have a referendum or vote by the end of May so that Renegade can choose a fraction to join. If you read above, players must be in the same fraction in order to be in the same guild. There will be a showcase of what each fraction has to offer so don't fret wiith searching what the fractions have to offer as I will lay them out for you so you can decide.

So, stay tuned? lol


Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, and that's why it's called the present. 

-Eleanor Roosevelt

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Ever Luce
Posts: 388

Gah. I don't know if I'll be able to play or not. I really want to play, but "my parents don't trust me." ._.


June 6, 2014 at 9:44 AM Flag Quote & Reply

Kelly Wonderland
Posts: 253

im up for it! i'll try it out at least :) 


Kelly The Amazing Wonderland :D :D


June 9, 2014 at 4:02 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Mattÿ (Little Matt) (Matt Kirk)
Posts: 78

I'll try it. Looks like an amazing game


Renegade is love, Renegade is life.

June 29, 2014 at 7:29 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Adam Vaporstinger
Posts: 212

Thought I'd update this a bit.

The game has been rated "M" for those 17 and up. I understand that this may be a problem for those of us whose parents care about what sites we go on ect. but there's not much to get around this.

As for closed beta, it's been pushed back to mid to late July. This is because of a Korean patch called 1.2 was decided by Trion Worlds to be released with the offical release. There was a lot of work to be done to the patch such as translating over 70,000 words :P not the mention some mega fixes to gameplay!

I will post on front of the site as soon as closed beta invites are sent out! 


Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, and that's why it's called the present. 

-Eleanor Roosevelt

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