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Unicorns FTW
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Hope you guys like my little poem.

Don't be afraid of parting ways.

5 years have come and passed.

 Our castle of dreams has collapsed.

Precious memories are lost to wind and rain.

 Only the passage of time will ease our pain.

Yet we forget those we've met.

 Even as we build our castle of regret.

Within it our memories we confine.

 Never letting it escape the recesses of our mind.

Freedom is what a memory needs.

 To our next castle our future leads.

Even as the gap between castles widen.

 The prospect of our future continues to brighten.

A new kingdom is what we now seek.

 Even as our bonds grow increasingly weak.

Look forward, never looking back.

 Our memories will forever be intact.

Even as our bonds continue to fade to darkness.

 We'll be able to continue on our journey regardless.

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Queen Snuggles [Snugs]
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"Our Free Realms Adventure may be ending after this one last sunset, but that doesn't mean our adventure is over. When something ends; something new begins in it's place. So, don't be sad, be happy. We have a new adventure ahead of us. Every day is an adventure in Renegade" -Queen Snuggles

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Melissa Gonzales
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I'll miss you all, Thanks for letting me have so many wonderful people in my life.



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