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Jake Granitewave
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A sad day comes on March 31st. I can't believe the game i spent my early teenage years on is leaving, the friends I've met, the relationships i've made and the time i've consumed on that game are unlike any other place I've ever seen, read, or heard about. I've made myself sparce around the game and guild for that matter in recent times, I've grown up and moved on from this game because I came to the realization that it was time for me to grow up and not spend 8 hours on a game in one day. I think everyone reading this should do the same, although the friends and bonds i've made here on this game were great, the personal friends i've made in real life are greater than most..except a select few friends i've made here who i'll keep in contact with. I'd like all the people who read this now, and in the future remember me for a good friend, and not a psycho strict maniacal guild leader. I am sad and happy at the same time to say.. Good bye FreeRealms, Renegade, Friends and what I consider to be my Family. 


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Jake Do not make this a goodbye. Make this a see you later. Because here we will always remain family. I hope to see you at our final get together this saturday. Goodluck.

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