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Maura Glitterpeak
Posts: 52

Hello my fellow Renegaders! Just because Free Realms is soon coming to an end that doesn't mean that we shouldn't keep playing games together. I would still like to keep in touch with all of you, so we should find ways to keep in touch. Although I am busy with school, I do find the time to play the games listed below. 

XBOX: ChubbsTheCat

Minecraft: ChubbsTheCat

World of Warcraft: Chubbsthecat on Garona 

Instagram: Chubbsthecat

Everyone please add to this post with any games you may play or social media contact information. 


   Tea makes everything better. . .

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Posts: 402

Sounds good!

Steam: Jammie

PSN: jamiestu

Origin: jamiestuu

League: jamiestu

8tracks: jamiestu


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Great Idea

Xbox: Wchapman020

Psn: Wchapman020 or Wchapman225

Kik. Wchapman020

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Prince The Rockstar
Posts: 1673

PSN: M-MBostonTwins

Twitter: @CommanderAdidas

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Good idea Maura! :)



3DS Friend Code: 3909-8295-7102

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Adam Vaporstinger
Posts: 212

I'd like to stay away from social networking site so...

Wizard101: Adam Thunderstaff

Pirate101: Silent Adam Vernon (friend codes needed for both)

Runescape: AdamVstinger

ESO: Adam Vaporstinger

PSN: PurpleEmerald



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Psn: Shxxter_F35/wolf-dragon123, W101: Travis Dragonhunter P101: Silent Ivy (friend code needed for both, won't be on that much..) Miiverse: Shivil DeviantART: ShivilEmerald (Currently banned) Skype: ShivilWolf, Runescape: Tati587/DaShivster, Minecraft: RayWolfie/ShivilWolfster/CanineCraftian.. The majority of the time I'm on 3ds (Miiverse..) Or on PS3 playing Minecraft, LBP1, LBP2, LBPKarting, PS3 All-stars and Dragon Dogma..


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Unicorns FTW
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I don't have any social media at the moment.

Runescape IGN: IVP Smells

Wizard101 name: Justin Taleriver

Little Empire name: Unicornempire

I'll usually be on this website's chat if I'm on my computer.

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William Onyxglade
Posts: 97

Free Realms ending makes me feel kind of sad even though i no longer get on. Guess its the good memories.:/


William Onyxglade

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Shadow Kevin
Posts: 152

Sounds like a good idea. Here are the places I visit often nowdays.

SWTOR Beregren Colony Server: Arasdir, Volkoff, Dëathstroke.

Steam: AirtightSprings3 (Note the s after spring, all other names are just plain Spring my steam is Springs)

Minecraft (Various Servers): AirtightSprings3

XBLA: AirtightSpring3

Skyrim Nexus: AirtightSpring3

Origin: AirtightSpring3

UPlay: AirtightSpring3

ESO: Arasdir (Name I plan on getting when it comes out, I'm not doing Beta due to actively playing SWTOR)

Nintendo Network: AirtightSpring3

Game Center: JetLightning

You will most likely find me on Steam, SWTOR or XBLA, hope I didn't forget anything. Oh and a while back I made a Renegade Steam Page, I believe I posted about it here, some of you are already in it, it's called Renegade International. Happy gaming

- Shadow Kevin (Or as you'll probably know me on most other games I play AirtightSpring3)


ShadowKevin on Free Realms: Founder of Cascade, Was a Temporary Leader of Renegade, Founder of Renegade International

AirtightSpring3: On XBOX Live, Nintendo Network and The Steam Workshop, Created Riften Depths Mod and Has 10,000+ Gamerscore

AirtightSprings3: On Minecraft (Playing Hunger Games Servers)

JetLightning: On GameCenter for IOS and Creator/Leader of Renegade Clash of Clans 1200+ Trophies



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Adam Vaporstinger
Posts: 212

I'm bumping this for others to see since yall are lazy to read through the forums -_-


Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, and that's why it's called the present. 

-Eleanor Roosevelt

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Prince The Rockstar
Posts: 1673

You're the lazy one Adam.

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Luke Spikehood
Posts: 4

Lool, ok.

W101: Cameron (highest lvl char, there are others

P101: Sarcastic Tim (highest lvl char, there are others)

3ds: Chris (Ha! Sike I ain't telling you my FC :))

Pokemon X/Y: Christian

Let's see, what else can I  think of. >.<

Youtube: Jayrah, whotookmoo (Currently post Roblox videos on Jayrah)

Roblox: CEWjr9 (Currently post Roblox videos on Jayrah)

Yeah, thats all I can remember right now,

Anyways, back to work! ;)




Luke Spikehood

I play Pokemon Y, catch me as Chris.

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Ever Luce
Posts: 388

Wizard101: Caroline Fairyheart

I do  have an XBOX 360 acc, but can't tell you it since I'm still a kid, and my parents won't let me. >.>


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Posts: 454

Aha, Minecraft! (Aka what's left of my life)

I play mainly on the Shotbow Network, EU servers. (Yes I'm American. Yes I play EU.)


My IGN is Seabiscuit218. I'm a Gold donator, should be easy to pick me out.

Don't really play anything else, my Need For Speed World is RENEGADEFALCON, but I hardly use that...

Oh! Clash of Clans! IGN: Seabiscuit. L77 TH8, Gold II

Currently an elder in Raining Fire, (Shield: Red background with Orange flame) The leader is Bowen66. If you meet the requirements you're free to join :3

That's it really. Hope to see you guys around. 

Also, Minecraft specific.. I'm in an informal clan/guild/whatever specific to MC and the Shotbow server specifically. We do have a TeamSpeak server, and if you have TeamSpeak 3 and would want to hop on and play with my clan and I, I can pm you the ip and password ^-^ (You'll get to hear my super awesome voice too, that should make you want to immediately) ((Just kidding my voice sucks and cracks alot))

Well that's all, probably a long post but who cares? :3


The sun may be setting, but this is not the end.

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Posts: 26
So free realms shut down huh? That's a bummer but hey a lot of renegade does minecraft! I had a wonderful idea. Maybe we should create a server? I know I haven't spoken much and some of you may not remember me. But I had a lot of fun with you guys on fr to bad it had to end. My minecraft name is Master_Green1 my steam name is Mr.Green or aaronmatt31 skype I wouldn't like to share sadly but add me on steam! I might give my skype later but not right now. I play on pixelmon servers a lot so yeah I also play on skydoesminecraft's server mineplex mineswine and a few others and yes I know this is getting pretty long so I'm just gonna stop typing now.

Master Green

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Adam Vaporstinger
Posts: 212

Sabrina Jadehaven posted this in a place no one can see it so I thought it would be nice to post her message here :)


Hey guys it's Sabrina Jadehaven.... well... looks like it's the end huh.. Well I just wanted you all to know that I enjoyed every second with you. I tried so hard to get back on FR before they took it off. But unfortunately I never got permission. Thank you so much for the best gaming experience of my life. I don't really play many games now. I am very busy with my education and my future as a music major. I especially want to thank these people


Laura Goodheart

You guys were always there. I can't really thank anyone else because they either quit or left the guild. cuz you all know I haven't played in 3 years.

I will never forget you guys. Thanks



Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, and that's why it's called the present. 

-Eleanor Roosevelt

May 10, 2014 at 6:11 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Posts: 136

100% agree with Sabrina well worded

It really sucked when I tried to come back last week and found out that FR closed... I'm upset I can't see you all in-game atm but I sure hope we can all get together in Archeage or something of the sort

Keep in touch







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Allan BraveViking
Posts: 1

I don't know if anyone remembers me, I'm Allan BraveViking.

June 6, 2014 at 1:18 AM Flag Quote & Reply

Posts: 47

Just putting this back out there since Renegade will be revived soon once Archeage launchs.



-Your Friendly Neighborhood Shadow :)


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