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2nd Annual Renegade Games: Phase I+Phase II Info

Posted by Lolaya on July 6, 2013 at 2:10 PM

Caution: Reader Discretion Advised... This post may contain too much epicness for you to handle. This could also be too overwhelming for your character. There will be many events, hints, and coins that should excite your senses. This is only the beginning...

I hereby present to you...

Thanks to Laura for the picture

These events will be split into 2 Phases, Phase I and Phase II. Possibly a bonus Phase III if the Eventmakers (More on that later) feel it will be crucial to the success of the games as a whole.

Phase I: Low scale, fairly easy, non-restrictive games that will take place on FR and this website. These events have NO specific date and time for people to congregate but instead will be a time frame for submissions/requirements to take place. Points in this phase will be generous but restrictive. They will count towards the grand total. There will be no team games and all events will be individual in this phase. Even though they are individual, individual points can be counted towards the grand total in the team phase. This phase will take place from July 12th to the 26th. This might also overlap with Phase II

Phase II: The bulk of the Renegade games. Will take place mostly in FR on specific dates. Points from each event will be larger, grander and will count towards the grand total.Team games MAY also take place in this phase (Times to be added in by eventmakers a little later on)

Eventmakers: Executive officials and judges of the games that will create, host, and officiate the games. Final decisions come from the eventmakers and whatever they say goes. These top officials come first while the 2nd tier "Officials" will be given assignments to the eventmakers.

Eventmakers include, Jezzi Jumbleboots (Phase I+II), Adam Vaporstinger (Phase I+II), Shadow Kevin (Phase 1+II), Lolaya (Phase I Main Organizer)

Officials: TBD (Around 3-4)

Phase I Official Rules:

Phase II Official Rules:

Will be added later by Eventmakers

How to Join Phase I:

Each event in Phase I will have a SECRET amount of points attributed to that event. These points will remain secret with the Eventmakers but it can be held true that the "harder/more strenuating" events will generally be more points.

Since Phase I will also be ONLY INDIVIDUAL, just by submitting your answer/submission to any of the Phase I games, you will be automatically entered. For example, if the first event is finding and taking a picture of something in Freerealms, posting the photo on the Game Thread will enter you into Phase I.

Phase I Game Thread:

(Will be added today)

How to Join Phase II:

More information will be posted by the Eventmakers that are in charge of Phase II (Adam, Jezzi, Kevin)

This news post will change regularly so please look for the new edition (At the bottom will be a general time stamp while the title will also hold a basic annotation)

Updated: July 6th, 2013


May the odds be ever in your favor.


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Reply Prince Tridon
9:15 PM on July 6, 2013 
Sounds Awesome!