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May 10th, 2013 FR Update

Posted by Adam Vaporstinger on May 10, 2013 at 8:50 PM

Hello Renegade!


This update was quite large and did add some cool stuff to FR


Here are the update notes STRAIGHT from the game. You can find them by look for it at the top of the Welcome Screen.


*I do not claim this as my own






  • Introducing The Way of the Wilds - A Hero Rises Chapter 2
  • Additions to Cobblestone Village
  • User Interfaces Improvements
  • General Changes
  • Bug Fixes



Introducing The Way of the Wilds - A Hero Rises Chapter 2



  • Speak with Sargent Larkspur outside of Sanctuary to continue the adventure!
  • Collect new stickers!
  • Earn new achievements through stickers, quests, and battles!
  • Confront the first Gloam Lord - Necronomicus, Lord of Necromancy
  • Win new shards, weapons, armor, battle items, wilds-themed building materials by defeated bixies, thugawugs, ninjas, and fairy cultists in overworld combat!



Additions to Cobblestone Village



  • New stickers have been added!

User Interfaces Improvements

  • Find out what's new in Free Realms by reading our Update Notes!
  • Many of the previous on-screen buttons and icons have been moved to the Main Menu (use the green tree shaped button at the bottom of the screen next to your abilities)
  • The activity calander if available again. You can access it from the Welcome Screen
  • Health and Energy are now displayed above the player abilites.
  • A new cross swords are located between the Health and Energy values. This will light up when you are considered to be In Combat
  • My Friends is now always be visible (it can still be minimized)
  • Chat log will now flush at the bottom of the screen at higher resolutions
  • Moved emotes, quick chat, communicator, and minimize buttons to inside the chat box when minimized






General Changes



  • Warpstones (and their surrounding points of interests) are now locked until the warpstone is discovered.
  • Removed the block playgrounds from Sanctuary and Seaside.
  • Playgrounds are removed as a catagory from the Games menu
  • All health and energy potions have had their reuse time increased from 5 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Combat gates for Bandit Hideout, Danger Peaks, and Den of Secrets have had their locations adjusted.
  • Tier 6 weapons have had their damage bonus reduced from 30% to 15%
  • Replaced wandering battle NPCs with battle gates that wander much less


Bug Fixes


  • Flair shards will no longer display incorrectly when using Milo's Magic Staff or Easter Eggstravaganza Basket
  • Players are able to exit the Rumbledome after completing the battle



I also discovered a new battle for us experienced players called Necronomicus Unleashed. Seems to be very difficult to do by yer self and may require a group, but it does give some awesome rewards (NOTE: You must complete the Hero's Journal up to the end of Southern Wilds. You then go to the Fighters Notice Board in Sanctuary to accept the DAILY quest which gives the reward). The battle is located outside the Den of Secrets battle instance. 

I made yet another discovery when battling with my archer. It seems that the infamous Briarsting Bow has been nerfed (weakened) because it is considered a Tier 6 weapon. It is still, however, stronger than a regular Volley bow.

On another note, The Devs have seem to have finally taken a another look at "sitting" in Free Realms. The Devs posted a picture of a guy sitting which could mean it will be coming in the near future (see the link below for pic).  :) 

So, be sure to check out all this great stuff ONCE you all finish studying of course ^_^ Be sure to also leave yer opinions on the update on the thread I created (click here). See ya IG Renegade!



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Reply Prince The Rockstar
4:32 AM on May 11, 2013 
I tried to do Necromonicus Unleashed by myself....worst decision in my life. :/