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Christmas 2013 Message

Posted by Adam Vaporstinger on December 10, 2013 at 7:15 PM

Hello Renegade! Merry Christmas! Ik it has been a while :)

It's been another year for Renegade, while we may not be our glory days, we still stick together like a family. I know that we arn't as active as we can be now that the old generation of Renegaders are all out  there aspiring to be the best they can be and we all know that Free Realms helped us in our lives in some way. My goal for 2014 is to bring a new generation of Renegaders and make Renegade an epic place to be! Recently, we've had minor recruitment (thanks Shane!) and, through a series of phases, I will place not just have active people, but people who are friendly and nice (very important) as well as anyone who is willing give us a chance. NOW, on other notes...

RENEGADE CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To bring some holiday cheer, I will be hosting a christmas party :) 

Featuring a TWISTER event!

When: Sunday, December 22nd, 2013 - 9PM EASTERN (sorry Jezz)

Where: We will start at at my lot for Twister, and then head on over to Snowhill, server 9 to pelt some evil snowmen :)

Twister How to Play:


  • You start out with on a platform high away from the ground.
  • Your mission is to not fall down from the blocks.
  • A leader will call a color, you must then move to find that block color and stand on it.
  • Falling results in you being out.
  • Using a teleporter is your decision and is part of the game.


Rules: Not really much rules. You have 30 seconds to find a block so try not and be AFK. Rides are allowed (at ye own risk) but POGO STICKS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

As for Free Realms,


That's right, new for Snowy Days 2013 are toys found in ANY wheel. Some are more rare than others and come in over 10 different colors, making them almost never ending! Start collecting today (I certainly know I have)!

Check out my Royal Park Lot for a showcase of quite a few toys which are updated daily with new ones. Just look under the wall ;) 

Oh and be sure to start soon, once Snowy Day 2013 is gone, the toys may never return as there will be even more toys (different ones though) next year!

(not my image)

Top Row: Abominable Snowman, Armored T-Rex, Bat, Bear, Bezzle, Bicycle, Bixie Chugawug, Bixie Gatherer, Bixie Worker

Row 2: Blighted Floren, Bolted Cakeling, Brutus the Brute, Cactoid, Cakeling, Cakenstein, Captain Chugug, Chatty, Chrome Cactoid, Chrome Mini-Rocklar, Chugawug Merrymaker, Chugawug Reveler,

Row 3: Chugawug Visitor, Commander Kluggenkrush, Corrupted Floren, Cursed Bear, Darkthorne, Dotted T-Rex, Druid Heavy Bear, Druid Mystic Bear, Druid Ranger Bear, Druid Scout Bear, Druid Warrior Bear

Row 4: Dwarftech Chopper, Echolyss, Elemental Guardian, Enraged Screechling, Evil Snowman, Fan Faire 2011 Bicycle

Row 5: Firece Bear, Forest Floren,Fruitcake Critter, Fungal Soldier, Futuristic Bicycle, General Drahk, Gloam Construct

Row 6: Gloam Overlord, Gold-Tipped Dragon, Hedge Giant, Hedge Guardian, Holiday Floren, Holiday Robgoblin, Holiday Robgoblin, Howling Banshee

Row 7: Ice Sentinel, Mushroom Gigas, Necronomicus, Nogg the Cruel, Pinkeye, Pumpkin Prince, Queen Valerian, Red Tractor, Red-Winged Bat, Retro Bike

Row 8: Robgoblin Ambusher, Robgoblin Bruiser, Robgoblin Cook, Robgoblin Fisherman, Robgoblin Forager, Robgoblin Geomancer, Robgoblin Jester, Robgoblin Kaboomer, Robgoblin Mech, Robgoblin Mechanic, Robgoblin Partier, Robgoblin Partycrasher, Robgoblin Ruffian

Row 9: Robgoblin Scrapsmith, Robgoblin Shinyseeker, Robgoblin Tinkerer, Robgoblin Trickster, Rocklar Boss, Rocklar Guardian, Sabertooth, Sad Chatty

Row 10: Sandscale Hunter, Santa's Sleigh-mobile, Scaled Dragon, Scrapmaster Fizzbang, Silversnow, Skeletal T-Rex, Skullz Chopper, Spiked T-Rex, Spotted T-Rex, Stone Sabertooth

Bottom: Striped Robgoblin Mech, Striped Sabertooth, Striped T-Rex, Troll Miner, Troll Scout, Wilds Tractor, Withering Floren, Wonderous Tiger, Yeti Bruiser, Yeti Froster, Yeti Mystic

 NOTE: These are just the rarer ones. There are many more to keep you busy :D

Lastly, I will be on vacation from December 28th to January 6th. That's all I have to say for now Renegade! Hope some of you can make it to the partay and if we don't talk MERRY COOKIE DAY and cya IG Renegade!

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