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The 1st Renegade Games

Posted by Shadow Kevin on August 5, 2012 at 2:40 PM

Thanks to Laura for the Game banner

Hello people of Renegade, I hope that you are all having a good day. If you are reading this it means that you have been selected to take part in The Renegade Games, this will be an ongoing event which will last for multiple weeks and will challenge the four teams to use every strength in their teams arsenal to overcome the many challenges that will be thrown at them. Your Goal: Not only to win and lead your district (team) to glory, but more importantly to get to know your fellow guild members and learn to work together in a way that you have never had the chance to before. But I don’t want to build the suspense for to long, so lets get on to the event.

The Event: There will be four districts and each will include officers, members and recruits. Since the recruits have not yet gone to the site you will have to take it among yourselves to pass information onto them. The districts will all have team leaders which will be among the officers of the teams, the leaders will help distribute jobs, help decide on a team name and manage their district. Now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for… OUR DISTRICTS!

District 1: This District Has Been Distributed Among The Others Since One Leader Was on Vacation and It Was Not Extremely Active. If Either Leader of This District Will Be Able To Play Message Me About What District You Would Like To Move To.

District 2: Leaders - Adam Vaporstinger and Nicole Glitterpeak

Members - Apl Deap, Drake Thornyarrow, General Sean, Isaac Thundervale, Kalvin03, Little Corky, Molly Flamingbow, Nate Flameknight, Princess Strongheart, Ray Enigma, Scott Blazeeye, Sora Ventusdragon, Technica, Prince Tridon, Venom6, Henry Stormtrack, NRG Kai, Swaggerific Mikey, Complication Skylight, Little John, Audrina

Recruits - Ally Swiftshade, Blazersullenfangs, Dominique Dizzyberry, Kamryn Blue, Scarlet Thorne, Torr, Abbey Storm, Luke Spikehood, Connor Spikehorn

District 3: Leaders - Shadeslayer and Renegade Falcon

Members - Axel Smith, Edgar Lizardhammer, Guild, Jake Swiftrocks, Josiah Snakefortress, Lyrva, Mystical Rose, Nick Thundertower2, Princess Swag, Rebecca Ashflower, Scarlettia, Toxic Ruby, Yutanz, Allison Bluenight, Master Green1, Queen Snuggles, Sophia Wolfwave, Forgotten Emo, Katie Peachaberry, Adidias Avenger, Gage Powermetal

Recruits - Allison, Calvin Engergyflare, Dylan Crimsonheart, Kyleo11, Shane2 Goldclaw, Tori Azuresword, Kyle Moontrek, Ben, Renegade Clyde

District 4: Leaders - Amber Snowheart and Aaron1 Swiftblade

Members - Ariel Heartz, Enchantress Witch, GummyBearz, Jasmine Platinumheart1, Kelly Wonderland, Marceline Radke, Nevin, Poison Ivy13, Punk Selena, Rockstar Ethan, Shivil Emerald, Stephany, Tomato Sauce, Marie Swiftheart, Sasha Glitterpeak, Dinoawraus, Jennz, Lilayla, Laura Goodheart

Recruits - Arman Foxclown, Daniel1 Burningocean, Johnny Napalm, Princess Be11a, Sonic Showdo, Zere, Lill, Sweet Cocoa

Theres The Teams Leaders Please Come Up With a Team Name For Your Team and Meet Up if You Can. Also if you find that for some reason your name was not on a team please give me a message and I will fix that immediately.

The Events: This Competition Will Last From Monday August 6th to Friday August 17th and Include Many Events, From Base Building to Find The Renegader! Here are short explanations to the multiple events which will be given in more detail at the time of the event. The events will be posted two days before they are going to happen so keep checking the site.

Base Building – This Event will be for a team member to build a base for your team in a short amount of time, more details on what will need to be included will be given at the time of the event. Team meetings and parties will be held at the base. All members who can will be expected to contribute towards the funds and items required to make a base in a very short amount of time.

Find The Judge – This Event will be one that members who want to participate will have to be online at the time to participate in. One of the judges, who are, Jezzi Jumbleboots, Shadow Kevin, Lolaya (When He Gets Back From His Trip) and Raven Moontrekker, will hide somewhere in Free Realms with an alternate character, whose name will be given to all participants, then they will be given a clue and told to go find the judge. Whoever finds the judge first wins for their team.

Relay Race – Each Team will pick five members to participate in a relay race around the borders of free realms. Each team will have two relay teams meaning ten members from each team can participate, so choose your racers wisely. Note: The Leaders of The Teams will each make one of the two teams.

Solve The Riddle – This will be a forum game in which a judge posts a riddle at a time that is given before hand and whichever team messages the answer to the person who posted the riddle first will win for there team. This event will have multiple riddles throughout the week.

Picture That – This Event includes a judge taking a picture of themselves somewhere in Free Realms and the team will have to go to that same spot and take a picture of themselves there, Note – The More Members in the picture, the more points will be awarded.

Spirit Rally – The Rally will be a party in which each team is supposed to invent a cheer to present to the rest of the guild and be as coordinated in costumes as possible. This will be the final event of the week and at the end of this event the winner of multiple competitions and the overall competition will be announced.

Slogan Competition – Teams Will be given the task to come up with slogans for their team which will involve a TEAM MASCOT they invent and their team name.

Find That NPC – In this event we will give an NPC name and you will have to find them and take a picture of yourself with an NPC and post it on the site post that will have the given the original quest.

Daily Events – These will be daily puzzles and free realms/ renegade history questions that will be posted daily, so remember to check in for your team.

POINTS: Some Events Will Be All Who Participate Win, Some Will Be Winner Takes All.

In a everyone who participates wins event; 1st Place – 20 Points 2nd Place – 15 Points 3rd Place – 10 Points 4th Place – 5 Points

In a winner takes all event; Winner – 10 Points

Note – There will be a few special cases in events, but those will be posted as the event is done. Whoever has the most points at the end of the week will earn their team a spot in the Renegade Hall of Fame and more, but more on that later. Make sure to show good spirit and sportsmanship at all events because there will be special point awards given out at the end of the week.

Prizes – For the winners we will be giving out 10k to every person, a castle in the Renegade Victor’s Village Lot, and a team spot in the Renegade Hall of Fame, plus the winning teams leaders will pick five MVPs to receive awards of VR’s and Mass Amounts of Coins. PLUS at the end of the week party there will be a raffle containing more than ten large prizes that anyone who participated in an event during the week will be able to receive. I will right down the names of all participants throughout the week and each time you do an event, your name will be entered. Note: To make it fair the most prizes you can get from this raffle is one.

Schedule – There will be events on this Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday And Next Tuesday, Thursday and the final party on Friday August 17th. Each event will be posted two days before it happens.

This Event Was Coordinated by Jezzi Jumbleboots and Shadow Kevin


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Reply Shadeslayer
7:07 PM on August 9, 2012 
I don't think i can make it. I'm a bit ill. so, to get well, i'm going to rest. I dont think i've felt this bad in a while xD how the heck do you manage to get a cold during the summer you ask? Psh, cause i'm epic like that! But i will be checking in on you guys every day :P just to watch you guys.... Jezzi..... Watchin you
Reply Nate Flameknight
10:37 PM on August 5, 2012 
This is just like the free realms guild olympics from a few years ago but sounds wayyyy more sophisticated.