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Renegade Trader

Posted by hippy_jezz on November 19, 2011 at 12:50 PM

Hi all,

I dont know about you...but sometimes i just WISH i could give some unwanted IG stuff to charity. Not just sell back to clear some room in me bag..:)

So i was thinking.....How about another Renegade Character...Who when they log on, we can give our unwanted items to.

It would be a nice way to donate to guild if you are short of coin!

We could use the donated items - maybe as prizes when people hold events, or to help guild members when they need some furniture, collection pieces etc.

We could even have a Renegade Charity Auction:)

Let me know wat you think of this idea....Cos my inventory is sure getting

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Reply Troy GoldMeadow
5:05 PM on February 2, 2012 
Awesome Idea i think it is.
Reply Falcon
3:59 PM on December 2, 2011 
Can someone find adams joke book and burn it and then C4 the ashes please? seriously. someone please do that or kill me now O_O(not a joke) ;) and yes, when and where are we gonna be able to view this page? I'm looking forward to going through me inventory and auctioning somethings off. :)
Reply Adam Vaporstinger
3:38 PM on December 2, 2011 
Can someone put Pat back in his rock please? (joke) Thanks! :)
Reply Pat Shadowhawk
7:09 PM on December 1, 2011 
i can taste sound... and it tastes loud.
Reply Superstar cupcake
10:27 AM on November 30, 2011 
o_o Thats smart usually stuff like that never happens in my head this is what happens : *IDea *Poof *no idea
XD then i remember it and it turnes out stupid
Reply Amber
5:46 AM on November 27, 2011 
Were can we contact the page? were all the stuff is at?
Reply Scarlettia
5:51 PM on November 21, 2011 
*Good, LOL*
Reply Scarlettia
5:50 PM on November 21, 2011 
Godd idea Jezz, mine sure is getting cluddered too, LOL, I wouln't have thought of this. Thumbs up from me!
Reply hippy_jezz
4:55 PM on November 21, 2011 
A page would per perfect :)
'Renegade Collector' has gear ready to start the Market!
I need to speak to you Lolaya.. when you are online...
Reply Falcon
3:49 PM on November 21, 2011 
Definitely a page. if the thread doesnt get posted on for awhile, it may get forgotten... like other topics..
However; a page would always be there. :)
Reply Lolaya
3:40 PM on November 21, 2011 
We will definitely do this idea, only thing is how.

How do you guys like having a new Renegade Site page where we list all the items and prices. People can buy the items and all profits or a certain percentage goes to the guild. Or we can make a thread with auctions
Reply Falcon
4:46 PM on November 20, 2011 
Nice Idea Jez!
Just make sure im not the one holding all these epical items. Youll neva get them back. NEVA!!! :P
i probably have a crapload O' stuff that i never use. xD So Im in favor of this! definitely. 100% sure. no doubt. :P
Hopefully ill see you all at the next auction!! :P
Reply hippy_jezz
9:55 AM on November 20, 2011 
Prince...Only items...not cash...Just a way to have a clear and again..:)

Amber...I thought it would be nice to have items which people need, like keys, plates etc for collection to be given to guild members who needed them. And maybe small items of furniture, unwanted blocks etc to be given to guild members who needed them.

Then the other items which were auctionable - like rares, max gear etc to have a monthly auction to raise funds for Guild.
So I suppose what i mean is...when you donate items...its up to the guild to decide how they are given out or if they could be used to raise funds at an auction.

We await leaders decision on this...and who will be THE
Reply Amber
10:31 PM on November 19, 2011 
I thought of a simalar idea kinda like this :)! Were who ever people give unwanted items and this guild have a auction and like so much % goes to the guild account. I can tell you more if you wanna know
Reply Princess Strongheart
9:08 PM on November 19, 2011 
Jezz this is soo awesome. im totally in favore :)
Reply Smartblonde
8:33 PM on November 19, 2011 
I Really Like This Idea (: I'm Sure Everyone Would Have A Few Things They Don't Need :p
Reply Adam Vaporstinger
7:46 PM on November 19, 2011 
She means if you are don't have any coins to donate then donate unwanted items :)
Prince says...
You do only mean items right? We got the Renegade Bank for coins. We could do this thing for items other than coins.
Reply Prince The Rockstar
6:17 PM on November 19, 2011 
You do only mean items right? We got the Renegade Bank for coins. We could do this thing for items other than coins.
Reply Adam Vaporstinger
1:09 PM on November 19, 2011 
This is a neat idea :) I know a great place we can have these auctions too :D